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Kaos (Manufacturer link) popular Average Rating = 4.40/5 Average Rating : 4.40/5

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Review by: artm, 2003-04-21

The shoe features more or less standard velcro straps, a split tongue
opening, 2 dual pull on loops, lined synthetic leather material and a
somewhat exotic looking sole. I don't know if the color will change but
my pair is a bright yellow. Construction appears sturdy and resilient,
the rand is holding up well and the unique "S" shape of the sole does
not appear to detract from the performance one bit. This is a shoe that
excells at face climbing or thin (finger-hand) crack climbing. The
Toebox has a nice narrow profile for jamming into thin seams or stuffing
into hand cracks. The rand could be a bit higher to protect the toe
knuckles but would probably stiffen the front of the shoe up a bit.The
heel cup fits like a dream, not to baggy and enough "grab" that my heel
always feels firmly in place, this is a Heel hookers dream shoe. The
Split Tongue overlaps just a bit preventing the skin on the top of my
foot from being exposed or pinched. The only drawback with the Velcro
strap system is the ability to really crank the front strap down and not
notice the pain until you're mid route. On the other hand that's also a
plus. The shoe edges well and has enough sensitivity that I can "grab"
holds with it.
I've put these thru the paces for a couple of weeks climbing in Joshua
Tree and the gym.
I can say this is a shoe I would spend my hard earned pennies on.