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Review by awilson86 (1)

Phoenix - discontinued (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 3.51/5 Average Rating : 3.51/5

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Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: awilson86, 2006-11-01

Been climbing for about 3 months on these on occasion (2-3 outings per month). There are, in my opinion, good shoes for a beginner.
I sized them abit big for me because I wanted to a shoe that I was comfortable in as well as I didn't think I for more then about 6 months or so, so stretch wasn't a huge issue I thought. I like the shoes price, comfort and performance indoors. However, after working on climbs with dime edges or heavy smearing (granite in my area) I am left in want. I was at the local boulder (Pony Pasture, VA) this morning and the shoes felt really stiff and felt that they were going to ping off the rock at any moment. There is a slight amount of dirt on the soles, so I'm hopeing if i clean that off really well and maybe expose some fresh rubber the friction will come back.
Overall, I would recommend getting these shoes only if a) you plan on climbing very rarely or b) want to buy new shoes soon. For about $20-$30 dollars more you can buy a pair of Evolvs. If you tear them up with crappy footwork, send them to Yosemite Bum for resole.