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Review by capn_nobeard (1)

Wasabi Climbing Shoe Average Rating = 3.65/5 Average Rating : 3.65/5

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Unlike real Wasabi, these lack any kick. 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: capn_nobeard, 2007-03-17

Unlike my predecessors in this vein, unfortunately the problems with these shoes overshadow what few high points they have.

The Good:

This shoe edges fairly well, with the Velcro cranked down hard and also excels at toeing on minute features for which an edge is too small, and a smear useless. Furthermore another high point as others have noted is that the CTX moldable foam improves both fit and comfort. I have had previous issues of dead space in the heel cup of previous shoes and the CTX seemed to help me out in this regard making heel-hooks a much more valuable skill.

Another nice feature is the opposing Velcro closure in the middle of the shoe. This design seemed to be well thought out and allow for precise a precise and tight fit.

The Bad:

I climb a lot, sometimes, 7 days a week. Unfortunately as some have mentioned in the other review thread, these shoes have defective Velcro. That said when my first pair of shoe’s Velcro lost all closure strength within the first 1.5-2 months of climbing I was sent a new pair (under warrantee by montrail). The turn around on the new pair was great. A new pair of shoes was waiting for me in my local gear store. That said, I'm another 1.5-2 months into this pair and the Velcro, yet again, is starting to catastrophically fail. Serious quality control issues exist for these shoes and would advise anyone to stay away from this shoe. Great service or not, I can't climb on good intentions alone, combine this with a starving students budget shelling out big bucks for shoes that don’t perform goes beyond being a nuisance.

Furthermore, the rubber is significantly harder and less grippy than that of vibram (old formula, not the new XS Grip, or stealth C4) and smearing in this shoe is much more tenuous than need be.

Due to these glaring issues and the excessive price (comparable to La Sportiva Venoms where I live) the most generous rating I can give these shoes in good conscience is a 2.