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Review by dovyman (1)

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Great shoe 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: dovyman, 2009-05-10

I got the lace-up version as my second climbing shoe, replacing a pair of Red Chili Sausalito's that I chewed up crack climbing. My feet run slightly on the wide side, so a lot of the shoes I tried on didn't fit very well, but these couldn't fit better if they were molded directly from my feet. These are good all-around shoes, compared to the Sausalito's they let you feel the rock much more, but still edge much better than a lot of other shoes I tried on. So far they seem pretty sturdy, I haven't taken them outside much though. Someone else mentioned problems with the lacing - I lace my shoes pretty tight and I haven't torn any holes. I also own the velcro version of these, and they have an identical fit.