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Rock & Resole Average Rating = 4.61/5 Average Rating : 4.61/5

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Sub Par 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: jbrown2, 2012-07-30

To: Rock and Resole

What sort of business does not have contact info on their website. They must be scared of their feedback. Because the do a sub par job.

We just had 5 pairs of shoes resoled by Rock and Resole. Great turn around time, Just under two weeks. And they stock La Sportiva XS Edge. Thanks. You came very highly recommended.

Here is the issue. I asked for down turn on all shoes. This was not done. I donít want non down turned shoes. They do me no good where I climb. So now I have some shoes with brand new rubber that are useless. If you couldnít down turn them call me. Iíll get another company that I have had great experience with to do it.

Second. The rands you put on are a hack job. You really cut just the tip of the rand and glue on a little patch. That is NOT top of the line industry standard for rand replacement. I could see if it was a discount job but it was not. Ill be pissed if I they peel off or I find that the leather is cut under the rand too.

Three. The edge of the sole does not match up nice and square with side of the shoe. This is a major issue. If I cant edge REALLY well than the shoe becomes useless.

Four. This is not my first time having my shoes resoled. The company before did a nice job on the sole and left a nice crisp seam where the front sole was replaced. Instead of using that seam to replace the sole your resole tech decided to use one inch less rubber. Now I have two seams. The new one being one inch closer to where rubber meets rock. it just does not make sense. now there is a one inch strip in the ball of my foot. I'm thinking its going to delaminate.

You all came highly recommended. I'm fairly disappointed. 188 dollars spent. Id say I'm 60 dollars happy.

Call me
Justin Brown