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Review by keepitcreative (1)

Predator Climbing Shoe - Mens (Manufacturer link) popular Average Rating = 4.56/5 Average Rating : 4.56/5

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not impressed 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: keepitcreative, 2009-05-22

I'm not impressed at all with these shoes. First of all, the heel always slip. I can't rely in any way on my heel when I need it and it's very frustrating. They slip all the time. They also stretch a lot. Although the toe is nice and they're pretty good on steep stuff, that's probably all they do.

Slab: horrendous
Face/slightly overhanh: okay...
Steep: Alright

Also, i've had these shoes for 3 months and there's already a big hole on the tip of the toe, imo it's unreasonable for climbing shoes. The durability is very poor. And all evolv could do is send me 30% off on resole... pfff

Overall I didn't have good experience and these shoes didn't do it for me. 2.5/5