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Reviews by kpb (2)

Tora (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 3.93/5 Average Rating : 3.93/5

In: Gear: Shoes: Climbing Shoes: Velcro

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: kpb, 2006-01-25

I went to the local climbing shop, determined that I was going to buy 5.10's for my second pair of climging shoes. But, my feet are just too wide. I tried on all sorts of shoes and they just didn't fit right.

The Tora was comfortable right away, and I was able to size them tighter than other shoes. I'm an intermediate climber, and so far I prefer to be comfortable in my climbing shoes. I honestly can't say my shoes are holding me back.

The Tora seems like a good shoe for it's price. Edges well enough, smears fine. It did dye my feet red the first time I wore them in the gym, and the straps are crazy long. If, like me, you have wide feet, try them out.

Truscrew Screwgate Carabiner (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 4.00/5 Average Rating : 4.00/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Carabiners: Locking Carabiners

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: kpb, 2005-06-18

I'm a beginner, but I have a few different locking carabiners. I really like the fit and finish of this 'biner. Small, yes, but they are versitile and affordable.