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Spectro Climbing Shoes Average Rating = 4.67/5 Average Rating : 4.67/5

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Scarpa Spectro 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: phillygoat, 2007-07-14

OK. At the risk of repeating myself (I wrote the shoe description), let me tell you how awesome this shoe is. First, I should begin by stating that I've owed Katanas, Testarossas, Evolvs (Defy,Evo), Mythos, Muiras, old Scarpa Reflex, Mad Rock Mugans, and probably others that I can't remember. The Scarpa Spectro is my favorite shoe of 'em all.

I've always like how asymmetrical down-turned shoes fit my feet, and was/am a big fan of Sportiva's Testarossa. However, I'm not exactly built like Dave Graham (read: stocky/muscular...ah, OK, I could lose ten pounds). The Spectro is a great blend of aggressive fit mixed with a mid-sole that provides a better platform for edging. It's the best of both worlds for most of the climbing that I do. (A lot of Smith Rock- vertical/slightly overhanging routes)

I like these shoes so much that I start daydreaming (hallucinating) about being sponsored, thus having a closet full of Spectros at my disposal.

Oh yeah, I should mention that the rubber is Vibram XS, they are lined, and that they were designed by a famous guy named Heinz Mariacher, who I believe also designed the Testarossa. Enjoy!