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Power Station III (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 3.43/5 Average Rating : 3.43/5

In: Gear: Training & Accessories: Hang Boards

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: tallnik, 2004-08-19

I like this board, it's helped my strength a whole lot, but as mentioned, the friction could be improved. Dirt is hard to clean...

Ace popular Average Rating = 4.18/5 Average Rating : 4.18/5

In: Gear: Shoes: Climbing Shoes: Lace Up

Review 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: tallnik, 2004-08-19

I've been rocking the grey and black pair of aces for about a year now. As mentioned before, not great for overhanging, but the bomb on everything else pretty much. People complaining about them not being suited for slab is just silly... I mean come on, you either want a performance shoe, or you want a sticky slab shoe. I think Mad rock might be close to combining both. I HATE Fusion rubber, so I threw on some C4, and now they edge phenomenally, the fusion rubber also wore out pretty quick. Good beginner to intermediate shoe. Definately going to rocking this shoe outside for the next years to come.

Update 6 years on:
I LOVE this shoe still for long days in the alpine, or any time I am crack climbing. They are so comfortable and stiff, that when jamming in any size crack I feel no discomfort what so ever. On harder routes, where I'm edging, I often find myself wishing that I had both more sensitivity and that they were more aggressive. That being said, I have a few different pairs of shoes, and I'll typically take the ones I expect to be wearing.

I've had a few different pairs of "crack climbing" shoes, and these have remained my favorite. I recently just bought my second pair of them, and the first pair got 4 or 5 resoles before they were falling apart.

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