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Review by timesofgrace (1)

Jenny Q's Herbal Chalk Average Rating = 2.50/5 Average Rating : 2.50/5

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chalk is not chalk; but this isn't chalk either. 1 out of 5 stars

Review by: timesofgrace, 2010-05-18

I will agree that indoors this chalk's scent is overwhelming; it reminds me of when I went to a rave when I was 17 and wore a dust mask smeared with vic's vapor rub... actually it was worse than that.

But scent aside, this stuff just doesn't work. it might as well be powdered sugar or flour or any other fluffy white powder.
if you want to be the hippest and have the latest overpriced, 'green', craze product, this is for you; it'll fit right in with your organic crashpad, chalk pot, and gaiam water bottle (which isn't to imply organic or gaiam make bad products).
if you want chalk to keep your hands dry; go look somewhere else.