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Big Agnes Storm King (Manufacturer link) Average Rating = 5.00/5 Average Rating : 5.00/5

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Review by: vtbrewer, 2005-02-24

I was a little more than skeptical when I took this thing out of the box the day before heading out to the Northern Presidential Range in February. IT GOT IN BACKSIDE! Just a pocket for a self-inflating pad. So I stuff if may pack and hope for the best. I paired it with the 2Ē Two Track Pad from Big Agnes. Let me tell you this thing rocked. It was 10 or so in the RMC Hut and I was sleeping in my birthday suit with the hood down. Itís looks big on the floor and it is. Iím 6í2Ē@ 200lbs and itís roomy. No more mummy bags for me. Cold spots? I couldnít find one. I think Iíll get one of their over bags for next yearís trip to Katahdin.