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Reviews by yburtikl (3)

Pure Force CNC Training Board (Manufacturer link) popular Average Rating = 4.80/5 Average Rating : 4.80/5

In: Gear: Training & Accessories: Hang Boards

Review 5 out of 5 stars

Review by: yburtikl, 2005-11-17

This board has a great variety of holds on it. it comes with instructions on how to install it and a brochure on workouts to do for it. And at a decent price to.

Cliff (Manufacturer link) popular Average Rating = 3.80/5 Average Rating : 3.80/5

In: Gear: Shoes: Climbing Shoes: Lace Up

Review 2 out of 5 stars

Review by: yburtikl, 2005-11-04

Ahhh what to say about the smurf shoes. You can't smear in them. You can't edge in them. You can't heel hook in them. They are horrible for steep climbs. Mine stretched about two sizes after like two sessions in them. And they turn your feet blue when you take them off. But I could see where these shoes would be fine for a beginner or maybe toproping a 5.6. But for the price they are comfy shoes, and good for beginners.

Momentum Adjustable Harness (Manufacturer link) popular Average Rating = 4.05/5 Average Rating : 4.05/5

In: Gear: Essential Equipment: Harnesses: Adjustable

Review 3 out of 5 stars

Review by: yburtikl, 2005-02-28

This is a great harness for beginners, gym climbing, or REALLY short sport routes. If you plan to spend more than a few minutes hanging in it I consider you a brave soul. I found mine on sale for 30 bucks(and it came w/ a really cool chalkbag), and for the price its worth it. It's really durable, but not that comfy. Again I would reccomend this to a beginner or a REALLY short sport route