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Album Name # Description
20th Ann. Phoenix Bouldering Comp- April 2003 0

April 25-27, 2003. Check out <a href=></a>

Bouldering @ Oak Flats (AZ) 3

The day Curt took me and Jay bouldering. Whoa!

Cochise Stronghold (AZ) 0

Greater Tucson's other main climbing area. Good for backcountry multi-pitch adventuring.

Colorado, 6/05 27

A little summer fun with some of the Front Range characters...

Crag dogs I have known 23

This album guarded by Tilly. Woof!

Flagstaff 41
Homestead 10
Hueco 38

Various trips

Jacks Canyon (AZ) 0

My limestone playground!

Joshua Tree Gathering- January 2003 0

Ha! And I could have added more! But I might have bankrupted the available server space, and then nobody'd like me no mo'

Joshua Tree, CA (misc. visits) 0

Perhaps you've heard of it?

La Milagrosa Canyon (AZ) 7

A lesser-known but quality Hottie Crag within Tucson city limits. Known locally as "5.11 Heaven" - Wanna crank 5.11 potato chip crimps? They're plentiful here.

Misc AZ climbing 0


More Miscellaney 0

If it just doesn't fit anywhere else...

Mt. Lemmon (AZ) 4

If it's not on fire, I get to climb here! Right in my "backyard."

New Jack City (CA) 4

Where I am an honorary local ;) Be a good neighbor and extinguish all flaming or smoldering mattresses or cars you may stumble across on the road in. BARSTOWREDNEX4LYFE!!!!!11

Red Rocks (NV) 0

I really love it here. One of the most beautiful spots of desert I've seen. Vegas is a mere afterthought...

Shelley 5

We'll miss you, chica

Utah Summer Road Trip- July 2002 0

crackaddict, rock_diva, and climbsomething hit the road! :D

Williamson (CA) 2

SoCal summer sport stylin'

Yosemite 15

A.K.A.- The Valley. The Ditch. The Centre/Center of the Universe. Also have some Tuolomne pix in here.

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Paul at the Overlook, 2 Paul at the Overlook Lisa, almost over the Edge Tangent Peepers
Bzzat! Jeff on OMG! RED SHIRT! Chipmunk! Clayton, Robbers Roost 5.11
Dale on Recovery Room My RRC Sam, who is clearly not a dog
Madison sez: sup? Hil in the woods #3 Hil in the woods #2 Hil in the woods #1 Bob D at Flagstaff
Casey Penny-edging Gates Pass 100 Proof Roof Hueco Manks

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Rating Photo Caption Date
2 out of 5 stars Three Moves AcrossThree Moves Across
2 out of 5 stars alienalien
3 out of 5 stars The WaveThe Wave
5 out of 5 stars Stewart FallStewart Fall
2 out of 5 stars The Riverside Rock Quarry 5.14dThe Riverside Rock Quarry 5.14d
1 out of 5 stars Josipa jammin' on House Crack IIJosipa jammin' on House Crack II
2 out of 5 stars 2nd Crux2nd Crux
1 out of 5 stars Place Your BetPlace Your Bet
1 out of 5 stars CrackCrack
1 out of 5 stars TitanicTitanic
2 out of 5 stars Almost inAlmost in
1 out of 5 stars Justin leading Chit ChatJustin leading Chit Chat
1 out of 5 stars Heel hook ....from a masterHeel hook ....from a master
2 out of 5 stars Sporty in the White ShortiesSporty in the White Shorties
1 out of 5 stars Reaching the TopReaching the Top
2 out of 5 stars Purple people eaterPurple people eater
1 out of 5 stars After partyAfter party
1 out of 5 stars the King of pain sleepsthe King of pain sleeps
2 out of 5 stars Buckets of Blood FaceBuckets of Blood Face
2 out of 5 stars Conquest 5.11dConquest 5.11d
1 out of 5 stars Denied!Denied!
2 out of 5 stars HandsHands
2 out of 5 stars Tom Slater on Tempest, Miller's CrossingTom Slater on Tempest, Miller's Crossing
2 out of 5 stars On LeadOn Lead
5 out of 5 stars Oyster BladeOyster Blade
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