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Camhead Profile Pic

Camhead Profile Pic

Updated profile pic. I'd been working this route for a while, when I sent it I felt so locked in, I can totally see how Sharma finds spirituality in moving over stone.

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Submitted by: camhead on 2008-11-28 | Views: 1976

Comment justroberto on 2008-11-29
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Sweet, bro. Are those two atc sports you've got? I carry the same thing when I'm trad stickclipping 5.14s at the verdon with RR.
Comment kriso9tails on 2009-01-12
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sullying the pristine nature of plastic with words like 'stone' and 'spirituality': -10 points
reviving Avedon from the dead (I assume as a zombie): +50 points
final score: uh... I'm not so good at math
Comment josiahdood on 2009-12-01
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Oh man, I was about you lay into you when I realized that you were actually serious about finding spirituality like Sharma...