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Beckey's Bolt

Beckey's Bolt

another example of some of the "bomber" pro to be found in Sedona. This one was placed in the late 60's early 70's.

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Submitted by: markguycan on 2009-01-03 | Views: 1111

Comment billl7 on 2009-01-03
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Good shot! Is that a cable hanger?

Maybe it was put in by the second-ascent party? For comparison, I remember seeing an ancient bolt on the "Beckey Route" on Liberty Bell. If I recall correctly, it looked kind of like this one:

'course, the route I mention is pretty popular and so the bolt I saw could have been put in by a follow-up party. Anyone else familiar with Beckey's fixed pro? Or maybe Beckey frequents the web and could be asked.
Comment sonso45 on 2009-01-03
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Any more complaints about my bolting and I'll pass this on to 'em.
Comment markguycan on 2009-01-04
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no Manny, your bolts are good, there's just too many of them!!!