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P4 of Jolly Roger - You call that

P4 of Jolly Roger - You call that "Pro"?!

This is a little bit higher on the notorious hooking pitch [P4] of Jolly Roger - click the link to see another photo.

See that little blob of aluminum I'm holding? That's a #2 head. When they get this big (yeah, that's "big" for Jolly Roger), you can at least get 'em started with the end of your hammer. But you'll need your dulled chisel to really paste those little buggers home!

I was actually feeling pretty good at this point - have a look at what's beneath me! Nothing but duct-taped talon hooks on screamers between me and my belayer.

Aaaaaahhhhhhh - #2 head - it's bomber, dude!

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Submitted by: passthepitonspete on 2001-10-11 | Views: 3114

Comment organic on 2004-01-18
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Is he missing teeth? haha awesome!
Comment jeremy11 on 2006-03-27
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nice!! I get scared on A1...