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In these mountains, all the crags are at the base of a mountain. This one is at the top -- 700 meters above the highway.
The hike up is a lot of fun, and it shows you some really beautiful scenery.
Be prepared for the west wind, which streams up this west-facing slab.

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I took this snapshot from the Trans-Canada Highway.

K: Kid Goat (23 routes, 4-5 pitches, 5.6-5.8)
N: Nanny Goat (11 routes, 5-8 pitches, 5.7-5.10)
S: Goat Slabs (12 routes, 8-17 pitches, 5.9-5.10)

Behind this ridge, on the west side (you can see the back-sides of the peaks):
K: Door Jamb Mountain (3 routes, 3-5 pitches, 5.5-5.6)
N: Loder Peak (scrambles)
S: Goat Ridge (hiking route)

Off the picture to the right (north) are Goat Wall and Yamnuska.

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My guess: the entrance to Wasootch Creek. A-Slab is just around the trees on the left.

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Yes but look at the beautiful way they've belayed each rope to its own clevis.
And, you should count "people ready to climb", and then count "people actually climbing".
Also, remember that rock helmets protect you from falling rocks.

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Tie each sling with a tape-knot, and then equalize them with more knots if necessary. Clip the lockers to your belt, ready for another use.
Those lockers pulling sideways don't add any strength or security. I think they add stress to the system, and they are extra components that add complexity but not redundancy.

The eight-foot boulder is a great idea! I used to climb in an area with some of those, and we certainly enjoyed the safety of them. We always insisted on two independent anchors for our top-ropes. Sometimes we forgot to hang the biners over the cliff-edge, and we paid for that, in friction.

Those two non-lockers are OK, but I wish you'd use lockers for the top anchor. The reason is, you depend on them 100%, and they are un-attended. If anything should happen to those gates (s--t happens!) you won't know until somebody is airborne.

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Good thing, you didn't spill your drink.