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Comments by unbreakablesoul (2)

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Hmm, well the route isn't 5.10d it's actually 5.10- Coup D'Etat is the black water streak on the right. The corner that he is climbing is called battle of the bulge and get's the 5.10- from the big roof you pull at the bottom, after that it's 5.6 all the way to the top.

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All the points dan2see stated are valid. I however think the anchor is fine as is.

The boulder is bomber.

The webbing shouldn't break both pieces at once (assuming the cliff edge is not sharp).

Lockers up top work fine since they will be the ones getting moved around and out of your site. I don't think you need the lockers on your belt ready for use, you are toproping.

Two opposite and opposed carabiners are fine for toproping. If you will take lead wippers on a single non-locker why not top rop on double non lockers?

The key thing to remember in my mind is that the standard of safety I set is what becomes my comfort level. Would I toprope off of a single piece of webbing and a single carabiner? Sure if I had to. Chance of breakage is crazy slim. Usually though it is easy enough to add redundancy with minimal time invested.