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BFC's [Big F*ckin' Cams] for El Capitan

BFC's [Big F*ckin' Cams] for El Capitan (view)



This is where it all begins! Welcome to "Camp 5", the "Yosemite Branch Office" of me - Dr. Piton - in the centre of the Curry Village Parking Lot. Tom and I used the BFC's [Big F*ckin' Cams] you see here for our successful ascent of Excalibur on El Capitan in May of 2002. They were so bitchin', we used them again for Scorched Earth in September.

In this photo essay trip report of our trip up Scorched Earth, you can assume that whomever has submitted the photo is the one who's doin' the talkin', but we'll let you know when we interrupt each other. [But like, if you "get it", you'll probably know when I'm the one talking, eh? We will also give you a [HINT] from time to time.]

From left to right, "Pass the Pitons" Pete Zabrok, Nathan Chaszeyka [Natec] and Tom Kasper [Apollodorus]. Tom designed and manufactures these bitchin' 9" and 12" cams, and you can click here to open the Valley Giant website in a new browser window.

Photo by Lisa Reedy

Please click here to start the photo essay, eh?

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