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My 2:1 Hauling Ratchet with Kong Block Roll

My 2:1 Hauling Ratchet with Kong Block Roll (view)

This is the actual 2:1 Hauling Ratchet I used on my solo of The Shortest Straw, set up and working at optimal efficiency.

The yellow cord is the 6mm cord tied through the top of the pulley.

The red cord is the 7mm Z-cord.

The blue and white rope is the haul line which goes directly into the blue haul line bag.

Notice how when the pulleys are snugged up tight, the teeth of the inverted [lifting] ascender hold the rope directly beneath the teeth of the Kong Block Roll [holding ratchet] in order to minimize stretch and maximize efficiency.

There is no need to lower the Kong Block Roll on a FROST Draw like you would a Wall Hauler or Protraxion.


If you are NOT using a Kong Block Roll for your 1:1 hauling, then you are doing things the Traditional Way. Also note that whenever Dr. Piton uses the word "traditional" he really means "stupid".

You can click here to read Dr. Piton's 1:1 Hauling Tips.

This slick little combo minimized the clusterf*ck as you can clearly see, and worked like magic!

Truly the Better Way of hauling!

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