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dynamic equalizing cordalette

dynamic equalizing cordalette (view)

here is an idea for using a cordalette to dynamically equalize 2 or more pieces. it is based on the trango alpine equalizer but without any specialized extra gear. just a cordalette and some locking biners. just tie a butterfly knot to make the clip in point and clip the powerpoint biner to the butterfly knot and the main strand, then clip the other lockers to just the butterfly knot loop. equalize as shown. the shorter the cordalette is the less it will extend. shorten it by tying two butterflys (also for loop redundancy) and/or make the butterfly loop(s) bigger. then if you need the extra length you have it. this system can work on more than 3 pieces as well, just put another biner in and clip the new leg too it. of course, friction is a growing problem the more legs there are.

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Submitted by: jeremy11 on 2006-02-19 | Views: 3990

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