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Reticent Wall - The Wall Rats' Beer of Choice

Reticent Wall - The Wall Rats' Beer of Choice (view)

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This is page 13 of my presentation.

For days the three of us had been working our way up this very difficult wall. Beneath Sean's pig hung a yellow olive barrel on a catch line. I never really wondered what was inside of it.

When we arrived that evening on Wino Tower, the first decent bivi since Lay Lady Ledge, I soon found out. Sean produced a dozen cans of Olde English, the wall rats' brew of choice!

Man, nothin' like a nice warm O.E. after a long day on the rock. At 7.5%, it only takes a half a can til we're feeling no pain.

Check out the goofy grins, eh? We're feeling like kings on top of the world! From left to right, Sean Easton, Chris Geisler, and Pete Zabrok.

Please click here to see the morning after the night before.

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