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climbing up to the 2nd station

Average Rating = 3.00/5 climbing up to the 2nd station

This is where the crux is in which you need a low profile being for the pin
Submitted by: lovesclimbing on 2006-10-16
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Gray Waves on Kid Goat, guess what, itīs raining again...

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Gray Waves on Kid Goat, guess what, itīs raining again...

Two french canadian guys I met the day before. We were soaking wet down to the last layer when we reached the base of the climb. I told them it is not going to be fun, since it was their first multi-pitch climb. Anyways, good practise to climb a 5.8 through a waterfall running down the wall. What a blast.
Submitted by: broesel on 2004-10-04
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Pitch number 2

Average Rating = 2.75/5 Pitch number 2

This is a picture of me standing on a ledge at the second belay on the Keel Haul Wall. Pretty fun climb. A good intro to multi-pitch climbing.
Submitted by: qpang on 2004-04-16
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Average Rating = 3.50/5 Heavy!!

This is a picture of Craig Zubris standing at the second belay on the Keel Haul Wall. Almost half way there!!
Submitted by: qpang on 2004-04-15
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Average Rating = 3.25/5 relieved

This is a picture of Craig Zubris just approaching the top of the fourth pitch on the Keel Haul Wall. Looking a little relieved to be past the crux on pitch 3.
Submitted by: qpang on 2004-04-14
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Slab variation to Keelhaul

Average Rating = 3.92/5 Slab variation to Keelhaul

Gav M. on the slab varitaion to Keelhaul's 4th pitch.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2004-02-13
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Picture Perfect-after waiting 4 minutes

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Picture Perfect-after waiting 4 minutes

A 4 minute timer shot looking towards the far lights 80km away of the large city of Calgary, taken from Door Jamb mountain in late December of 2000 when the moon came closest ever to the earth(the sun looking ball). The Bow River is lit up below and some homes.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2004-01-25
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Not exactly Keelhaul

Average Rating = 3.25/5 Not exactly Keelhaul

Gavin M. snickers as he happily prepares to sink a good nut after some runout climbing on a new variation(1995/6)to Keelhaul done on pitch 3; it goes up and right of the roof to a slot, now the rerouted Gray Waves, but then hooks bak left on the blank slab, where this pic is taken, and goes up a unprotectable slick groove to Keelhaul's 4th belay. that is Yamnuska in the far away and nearby is Goat Wall.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2004-01-21
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Say yes to crack!

Average Rating = 2.25/5 Say yes to crack!

The crack on the right is fun 5 pitches from 5.3 start to a 5.7 ending, the corner on the left is clogged in loose rock though.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2003-11-02
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Near the end

Average Rating = 3.71/5 Near the end

Gavin nearing the top of the Light That Failed (5.6) on Door Jamb in February. The main highway in Canada is below.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2003-11-02
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WOW a crack in the Rockies

Average Rating = 3.38/5 WOW a crack in the Rockies

Gavin Macrae going up the second pitch of Twilight Zone at Kid Goat, one of trad classics.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2003-04-24
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Biff on a unknown route

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Biff on a unknown route

This is me on a route we thought was a 10.a .. it turns out it wasn't even in our book.. I would grade it 5.9, but the bolts were mostly 10-15 feet apart and a fall at any time would not be enjoyable to say the least. There were a few pockets that had obvously been used to place trad pro .. but I didn't have any. Although the climbing aspect of this photo isn't very good, I found it aesthetically pleasing.
Submitted by: biff on 2002-07-01
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Kid Goat and Nanny Goat

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Kid Goat and Nanny Goat

Dan's snapshots of the Goat Ridge Mountain
Submitted by: dan2see on 2007-03-04
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On Gray Waves

Average Rating = 3.00/5 On Gray Waves

Fun route, little runout in spots.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2007-09-03
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grey waves

Average Rating = 4.00/5 grey waves

nice route with amazing views
Submitted by: markj74 on 2008-05-21
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mail order drill

Average Rating = 0.00/5 mail order drill

A new route in the kid goat descent gully. On the extreme southern tip of nanny goat.
Submitted by: Tweeter on 2014-07-14
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