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Mike on Jugs at Girraween

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Mike on Jugs at Girraween

Myself on a great line at Girraween called Jugs, named because when everyone who climbs this reaches the single jug about 3/4 the way up lets out a rejoyceful sigh of "jug" Photo taken by Hugh Russel.
Submitted by: michael_c on 2006-05-24
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Girraween bouldering at its best

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Girraween bouldering at its best

Sometimes at Girraween you are focussing really hard on a problem, then you look around and the solitude surrounding you is downright spooky ... Simon and Vickie pictured.
Submitted by: scotto72 on 2006-04-11
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Late afternoon granite bouldering

Average Rating = 3.96/5 Late afternoon granite bouldering

The late afternoon light ignites the colour in the Girraween granite slabs.
Submitted by: scotto72 on 2006-04-10
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Girraween Slab

Average Rating = 3.40/5 Girraween Slab

Vickie punching out a tricky Girraween slab
Submitted by: simonm on 2005-10-02
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Granite roof

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Granite roof

Geoff hitting the pocket on one of the unique pocketed Girraween roofs.
Submitted by: simonm on 2005-10-02
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first post on

Average Rating = 2.50/5 first post on

This is me(sport_climber23) on a V6/7 roof problem at girraween national park in SE Queensland. Nice little spot to stay out of the sun. wicked problem, no send for me tho.
Submitted by: sport_climber23 on 2004-11-30
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Cameron on some super sustained granite

Average Rating = 3.64/5 Cameron on some super sustained granite

New Paths (24 or 5.11d) is 30m long and blasts its way up the guts of this massive dome. The climbing is on bolts and gear, and the angle is steep and uncompromising. Possibly the best route at Girraween? Photo: L Skidmore, 35mm slide.
Submitted by: manacubus on 2004-02-12
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Where will it lead me?

Average Rating = 3.64/5 Where will it lead me?

A very easy, very run-out and very fun slab route on Castle Rock called Imagine. Then the blue sky and fantastic scenery. In short, this was a perfect day.
Submitted by: berserk on 2003-12-01
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It's all in the feet

Average Rating = 4.29/5 It's all in the feet

With bugger-all holds for the length of the route, the three-star arete of Alex In Wonderland (23 or 5.11c) really could be described as a "knifeblade". In fact, earlier in the day, I used it to cut up an orange. Climber: Aaron Jones. Photo: Lee Skidmore, 35mm Fuji Sensia 200 slide.
Submitted by: manacubus on 2002-07-31
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Made it

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Made it

All Pics removed due to a lack of interest from this forum.
Submitted by: ginger749 on 2008-06-08 | Last Modified: 2008-12-24
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