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Profile Pic

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Profile Pic

Early in the cold autum morning there is no better place to be!!! I hate to be cold and I did NOT want to unzip that bag. But I had to, couldn't very well climb in that sleeping bag!
Submitted by: tnmountainman on 2005-12-12 | Last Modified: 2007-01-15
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Lending a hand

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Lending a hand

Here is Dad giving a little "Technical assistance" for my favorite climing partner!
Submitted by: tnmountainman on 2005-12-12 | Last Modified: 2007-01-15
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Fall '05

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Fall '05

Here we are on our Fall CC (CC=Camping and Climbing, doesn't get any better than that!!) Trip, sitting beside the fire ring at our campsite at Black Mountain climbing area. It was cool and breezy but we had a blast!! Dad and his little sweetheart!!
Submitted by: tnmountainman on 2005-12-12 | Last Modified: 2008-09-16
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Me bouldering somewhere?

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Me bouldering somewhere?

Here's a picture of me climbing somewhere.. I dont remeber where... Simon took this pic of me and then I develped it in the black room... I love develping my own pics! :)
Submitted by: climbhigh2005 on 2004-12-26
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First Ascent of Tityos 12a

Average Rating = 4.00/5 First Ascent of Tityos 12a

I'm 95% sure this photo by James Stevens documents the first ascent of Tityos 12a by Glenn Ritter. This picture also was on the cover of a small self-published guide that was distrubuted locally in TN in the 90's. Most of the bolts at Black Mt have since been removed making many of the climbs better suited for toproping.
Submitted by: glennritter on 2004-07-25
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Coming down!

Average Rating = 2.75/5 Coming down!

My least favorate part of climbing... coming down!! Thats the biggest reason I dont like boudlering that much.. but thought it was a funny pic...
Submitted by: climbhigh2005 on 2004-02-29
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View from Black

Average Rating = 2.67/5 View from Black

Here's Me, Matt, John and Chris at the overlook at Black Mtn... Black Mtn is great for begginers... I actually took Matt and John there for the first time in this pic!
Submitted by: climbhigh2005 on 2004-02-28
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Addie at Black

Average Rating = 3.20/5 Addie at Black

This was the first time we ever went climbing outdoor... The picture is of Addie, Simon's sister... She's an awesome climber and only 13!
Submitted by: climbhigh2005 on 2004-02-28
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Black Mountain Tennessee

Average Rating = 3.29/5 Black Mountain Tennessee

Just about to the top of the highest quality climb at BM. If you think the TR makes is sissy, then feel free to Solo it. It's been done...
Submitted by: tenn_dawg on 2004-02-02
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Aaron at Black

Average Rating = 2.83/5 Aaron at Black

Crazy kid... this was like his first time on real rock... check out his face... what more can i say?
Submitted by: climbhigh2005 on 2004-01-27
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Me bouldering at Black

Average Rating = 3.11/5 Me bouldering at Black

Here's an okay pic of me bouldering at Black... not the hardest problem, but fun...
Submitted by: climbhigh2005 on 2004-01-25
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Me bouldering, Christoph spotting

Average Rating = 3.09/5 Me bouldering, Christoph spotting

Here's a picture of me bouldering at black... thought it was a cool picture.. gotta love my determind look... I'm higher than you think! =P
Submitted by: admin on 2003-12-20
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Average Rating = 2.71/5 Simon

Here's a pic of Simon bouldering on some roof at Black Mtn... Not sure of the name... Pretty fun problem, and if you fall, you dont fall far.. LOL
Submitted by: admin on 2003-11-16
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Melissa bouldering

Average Rating = 2.67/5 Melissa bouldering

Here's another pretty cool pic of me bouldering at black... This is the same problem that Simon started on, but this is closer to the end of the prob.. if that makes any sense...
Submitted by: admin on 2003-11-16
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Bouldering at Black

Average Rating = 3.40/5 Bouldering at Black

Gotta love bouldering pics!! Here is one of me at Black Mt in Tennessee... Thought it was a pretty good pic! Man I love to boudler! =)
Submitted by: admin on 2003-11-10
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Love and Abuse

Average Rating = 1.80/5 Love and Abuse

This was the first climb I ever climbed on real rock!! What a great one to start out on!! Its really fun and calls your name to come back to all the time.. really easy set up for top rope!! Enjoy!
Submitted by: admin on 2003-10-13
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Good warm up climb

Average Rating = 1.25/5 Good warm up climb

Just a picture of me climbing raped my rap... pretty gun climb.. good to climb like three or four times to build endurance... really good for begginners... hard to est up toprope.. bring lots of webbing!
Submitted by: admin on 2003-10-12
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Al Jazeera

Average Rating = 3.14/5 Al Jazeera

Most of the rock at Black Mountain is crumbly conglomerate, but there are some noteworthy exceptions. Al Jazeera is one of them. It climbs out a sequency 45-degree arete to the top-out slopers shown here. I think I did the FA in December 2001, can anyone recognize it? Walter Chan gets the last moves sussed, as Patrick Schaerer spots. Photo by Dirk Peters.
Submitted by: dirko on 2002-12-10
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