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Me at Chickies Rock

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Me at Chickies Rock

Me getting ready to climb Sunday Morning at Chickies. It's about the only place I use that lame large yellow tricam!
Submitted by: doubledare on 2006-07-27
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The roof on Sunday Morning

Average Rating = 0.00/5 The roof on Sunday Morning

I love this little climb--it was my first lead and I still love the rush of the little roof and the view of the river.
Submitted by: doubledare on 2006-07-27
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Steve in the Library

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Steve in the Library

This is my buddy Steve, trying rock climbing for the first time, in the Library.
Submitted by: doubledare on 2006-05-04
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Ashley on For Madmen Only

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Ashley on For Madmen Only

This was around Halloween, 2005, on Chickies Rock. Ashley (14 years old) had a whole week of climbing in Maine during the summer and came back to her home crag with a vengeance.
Submitted by: doubledare on 2006-04-13
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Chickies with ice-bridge

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Chickies with ice-bridge

Ice bridge on Susquehanna River in the foreground and Chickies Rock behind it. A cold day kayaking. Got stuck in an icejam downstream soon afterward and had to paddle back against the current to find a lead. That was fun.
Submitted by: cintune on 2005-04-05
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It doesn't get any better than....

Average Rating = 2.50/5 It doesn't get any better than....

...a pleasant afternoon climbing with good friends. That explains the smile. This climb is just to the left of the caves (not sure the exact name of the route) at Chickies.
Submitted by: scoobz46 on 2005-02-09
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Hondo at Chickies Rock.

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Hondo at Chickies Rock.

Hondo_1 ascending his first climb at Chickies Rock. Was looking forward to getting on the main wall but it was a little to crowded.
Submitted by: hondo_1 on 2005-01-28
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11-year-old Carson on Chickies Rock

Average Rating = 2.00/5 11-year-old Carson on Chickies Rock

This is my son Carson top-roping the start of Sunday Morning at Chickies Rock.
Submitted by: doubledare on 2004-12-27
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Little Girls Climb Too

Average Rating = 3.69/5 Little Girls Climb Too

This is my little girl on an unamed climb at Chickies.
Submitted by: dredsovrn on 2004-09-10
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Horizontal Cam

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Horizontal Cam

I took this picture while waiting for climbers to come into view on the NW Buttress.
Submitted by: dredsovrn on 2004-09-09
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Climbing In The Shade

Average Rating = 2.83/5 Climbing In The Shade

This is Ryan climbing past the overhang on Hit and Run. A nice day to be in the shade on the NW Buttress.
Submitted by: dredsovrn on 2004-09-09
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no_limits_dad at Chickies Rock

Average Rating = 3.33/5 no_limits_dad at Chickies Rock

No_limits_dad reviews the pitch he has led while waiting for his second, no_limits, to arrive.
Submitted by: no_limits_dad on 2004-07-11
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Anchor Art

Average Rating = 3.49/5 Anchor Art

I was at the top of the NW Buttress trying to get some non-buttshots, and decided to take some pictures of gear while I was waiting for the climbers to come into view. I couldn't decide whether it would be better to have focus on both side of the biner, but decided on this shot for the color and composition.
Submitted by: dredsovrn on 2004-06-09
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Au Naturel

Average Rating = 3.30/5 Au Naturel

The sun sets on Chickie's Rock after a glorious day of trad climbing... For all those who've been to Chickie's, you may notice that the eyesores are no longer there (railroad tracks, rock pile, telephone pole etc), at least in this picture. With such a beautiful sunset, I decided to use a little artistic license to recreate what the largest rock outcropping in PA would look like without human impact. Photo credit goes to Al (pullonthis).
Submitted by: chalkmeupbaby on 2004-04-01
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Average Rating = 3.00/5 X RATED

This is me on Lester the Molester climb, it is X rated for the lack of pro. There is basically no placement for the first 50 feet. It is a fun climb though and if you have a good head and lead well you should definitely try it out.
Submitted by: rokshoxbkr19 on 2003-12-19
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Over The Top

Average Rating = 2.50/5 Over The Top

I am finally emerging to Riverview Ledge after a very X rated lead with only 1 piece of solid pro. I guess the only way to have fun climbing at Chickies is to risk your life. My partner Dredsovrn and I are having a blast, I guess you can say we are training so we can get ready to train for Long's Peak in CO.
Submitted by: rokshoxbkr19 on 2003-12-13
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Sigh Of Relief

Average Rating = 2.45/5 Sigh Of Relief

I had never actually climbed the face at Chickies, and I have only seen people top rope it. I guess they are scared of having to free solo up to this point a good 70 feet off the deck. Well, I did get one piece of pro in that might hold a fall about 10 feet below this point. It was a fun lead, but I was happy to get to this nice horizontal. OFF BELAY!!!
Submitted by: rokshoxbkr19 on 2003-12-13
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New Partners

Average Rating = 0.00/5 New Partners

This is me and Dredsovrn just after climbing Lester the Molester and Mike jr. We had a ton of fun and it was a great day. I'll get you for those bunny ears dude..
Submitted by: rokshoxbkr19 on 2003-12-12
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Funky Rope on the Block

Average Rating = 2.67/5 Funky Rope on the Block

This is me leading a pitch on the block, some of the best climbing to be had at Chickies but it rarely sees ascents. My girl took this shot because of the way the light was hitting the biner and the aesthetic direction of the rope. Those first placements are done pretty much blind.
Submitted by: rokshoxbkr19 on 2003-12-11
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Please give me a foot and a hold

Average Rating = 2.83/5 Please give me a foot and a hold

Here I am again searching for some purchase with my right foot and my left is flagged for balance. I am also trying to find a knub to hold with one of my hands so I can come out from under the roof and make a palcement. FUN!!!
Submitted by: rokshoxbkr19 on 2003-12-11
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Chickies Sunset

Average Rating = 3.33/5 Chickies Sunset

Just a cool sunset over the susquehanna at Chickies. I thought the colors we cool.
Submitted by: pusherem on 2003-12-05
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Chunky Chickies

Average Rating = 2.57/5 Chunky Chickies

doing one of the cave problems at chickies
Submitted by: walllizzard on 2003-11-13
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A classic climb at chickies.

Average Rating = 2.60/5 A classic climb at chickies.

Ive been told its a 5.9 im not sure what the name of it. Its one of the first sections of wall, not the lone pillar when u first walk off the field, you walk onto from the bottom parking lot.
Submitted by: walllizzard on 2003-11-12
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Solution Crack Climb

Average Rating = 2.80/5 Solution Crack Climb

Here is one for Julie! You had the knack of this crack. As Annie screamed to me one day when I was hot dog lady at the crag, "It's the Chickenhead" And, Anne thanks for telling those guys that I was old enough to be their mother. Ode to the crack,,,hehe!
Submitted by: climbracer on 2003-11-08
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Sunset at Chickies

Average Rating = 3.83/5 Sunset at Chickies

This is a picture i took at chickies during a beautiful october sunset. picture taken with FujiFilm digital A101
Submitted by: pusherem on 2003-10-05
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