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First day at Lilly

Average Rating = 1.00/5 First day at Lilly

Dave and I's first trip to Lilly boulders. You can't even tell that I have an ear infection.
Submitted by: badmouth on 2005-06-24
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budda belly V4

Average Rating = 3.14/5 budda belly V4

This is a super sick v4err v harder than tha crap
Submitted by: brundige on 2005-05-05
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Euthanasia on the Warm-Up Dyno

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Euthanasia on the Warm-Up Dyno

This a route that I always do as part of my warm-up ritual. V2
Submitted by: euthanasia on 2004-10-18
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Cody on Babylon 2

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Cody on Babylon 2

Here's my little brother pulling on Babylon 2. The topout was tough for him but he finally stuck it.
Submitted by: tenn_dawg on 2003-03-29
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Jeff on Buddas Belly

Average Rating = 3.20/5 Jeff on Buddas Belly

This is probably the first cool problem you will notice when you walk into the boulder fields. It's rated at V4, but feels harder. The sequence for this one is CRITICAL. I suggest you look really hard, and Measure it up (hint hint) before you start flogging around on it. It's easy if you do it right.
Submitted by: tenn_dawg on 2003-03-29
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Finger strength is the key

Average Rating = 4.12/5 Finger strength is the key

Matt Durnin in the Lilly Boulder field. Its a very easy, short little problem on the corner, and we were only on it to take some pictures.
Submitted by: fastnhappy on 2002-07-14
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