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Casey Sends

Average Rating = 4.20/5 Casey Sends

Casey (Niles) walks the Monkey Face Highline in Smith, with a couple climbers looking on.
Submitted by: coldclimb on 2006-11-01
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Average Rating = 0.00/5 Sunglasses

I thought that this was a cool self portrait of my girlfriend Lauren while belaying me on the bolt ladder.
Submitted by: porcelainsunset on 2006-09-20 | Last Modified: 2006-11-17
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Panic Point 2

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Panic Point 2

Two years later, I still had just as much fun on this route as I did the first time. Best 5.7 in America.
Submitted by: porcelainsunset on 2006-09-20
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Bolt ladder the easy way

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Bolt ladder the easy way

I took this picture while belaying Keelin up the bolt ladder just below the Monkey's mouth. While Keelin struggled from one bolt to the next, ryegen cruised up the fixed rope.
Submitted by: yourarmsoff on 2006-09-08
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Panic Point hanging belay

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Panic Point hanging belay

ryegen has me on belay for the dizzyingly exposed traverse that heads out Panic Point and up the side of the Monkey's head. Any suffering or waiting in lines earlier on the climb is worth this pitch!
Submitted by: yourarmsoff on 2006-09-08
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On the summit of the Monkey

Average Rating = 0.00/5 On the summit of the Monkey

This is a friend and I on the summit of Monkey Face. Photo was taken by another friend on an adjacent formation. Although the route we climbed is not visible at all in this north face photo the shot does give you a great idea of the size of the feature. The west face variation from the ground would start from the lower right (west obviously) side of the formation.
Submitted by: chuffer on 2006-08-30
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Composite of the Monkey Face Highline

Average Rating = 3.56/5 Composite of the Monkey Face Highline

Composite of two photos taken of me walking the monkey face highline. It's about a 40' gap and about 400' off the river below.
Submitted by: niles on 2006-06-13
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Niles on the Monkey Face Highline

Average Rating = 4.03/5 Niles on the Monkey Face Highline

One of stops on the roadtrip was Smith Rock where we stayed with Casey. We set up the highline on the first day after we climbed the Pioneer Route and then came back to walk the next day. While Casey was warming up and taking falls getting ready to make his first send on a highline another group was climbing the Pioneer Route. The guy taking a picture from the other side is a guide who led two other climbers up. He didn't fall on this walk and made it all the way across.
Submitted by: prezwoodz on 2006-06-13
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Casey Jugs the Monkey

Average Rating = 3.58/5 Casey Jugs the Monkey

Casey (Niles)gives off a grin as he approaches the mouth of the Monkey in Smith Rock, Oregon. The 300-something feet of overhang exposure makes this route quite awesomely gripping. Life on the road is good!
Submitted by: coldclimb on 2006-06-13
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Another shot of the Beast

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Another shot of the Beast

Quite possibly the coolest rock formation I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on.
Submitted by: porcelainsunset on 2006-06-01
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 before the aid pitch. . .

Average Rating = 0.00/5 before the aid pitch. . .

Hanging out on the way to the aid pitch. Nice line to the summit! We simul-climbed as the followers on this pitch, which allowed for photo moments. . .
Submitted by: sinshan on 2006-04-04
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Winter day in the eye of the Monkey

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Winter day in the eye of the Monkey

This is the view from the eye of the Monkey. Photo taken in late January.
Submitted by: olib on 2006-01-30
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West Face Crack

Average Rating = 3.47/5 West Face Crack

Gabe sending this Monkey Face classic. This route starts with a 5 bolt A0 bolt ladder to this amazing crack. The bolt ladder can be avoided by climbing a free start to the left called Sheer Trickery, that was first climbed by Ron Kauk, Wolfgang Gullich and Alan Watts in June, 1989.
Submitted by: markd on 2006-01-11
Views: 2221 | Votes: 15 | Comments: 4
Heather on the monkey

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Heather on the monkey

This is Heather on monkeys not quite sure what route this is thoe..i need to pay more attention:)
Submitted by: climb_ian on 2005-12-29
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Panic Point

Average Rating = 1.00/5 Panic Point

This photo was taken around two years ago at the infamous Panic Point. This was my first time doing a multi-pitch climb, and in the photo I'm half way through my fourth pitch, and was loving the exposure. Colylc led this route, with Photo by Sam.
Submitted by: porcelainsunset on 2005-11-29
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monkey face

Average Rating = 3.33/5 monkey face

just hangin around, having a good time....
Submitted by: climb_ian on 2005-11-28
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smith rock splitter

Average Rating = 3.78/5 smith rock splitter

Gabe sending the first pitch of the West Face. This route starts with a 5 bolt AO ladder to this amazing finger crack. One of the best tuft cracks at Smith Rock. FFA with AO start, Alan Watts. 1981.
Submitted by: markd on 2005-11-22
Views: 2351 | Votes: 36 | Comments: 26
Tauna in the cave on monkey face

Average Rating = 3.92/5 Tauna in the cave on monkey face

Tauna hangs out in the cave on the north side of monkey face during an ascent of monkey space. Quite a bit of photoshoppery went into lining up the panorama and making things look nice. Canon Powershot a80 stitched with Canon software and photoshop.
Submitted by: pancaketom on 2005-08-11
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Sue leading the second pith of West Face

Average Rating = 3.20/5 Sue leading the second pith of West Face

Sue starting into the corner crack of the second pitch of the West Face Variation. Not an all bad climb but there was some easy manky stuff mixed in with the nice corners.
Submitted by: eldiente on 2005-06-20
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Nice Jugs!

Average Rating = 2.88/5 Nice Jugs!

And she knows how to use 'em! Here I am, my first time in aiders on the Pioneer Route on the Monkey Face at Smith Rock in Oregon (photo credit: Kevin Moyles).
Submitted by: climbingbetty22 on 2005-06-17 | Last Modified: 2006-11-16
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Fighting the Wind

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Fighting the Wind

Here I am fighting the wind to get my foot back in my aider. It was a fun pitch.
Submitted by: onbelay510 on 2005-05-26
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Beginning the Second Pitch

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Beginning the Second Pitch

This was taken just as I was starting to lead the second pitch of the West Face Variation. Fun route on Monkey Face that avoids the scree scramble of the Pioneer Route. You can link the two at Bohn Street for a nice outing.
Submitted by: onbelay510 on 2005-05-26
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First Steps

Average Rating = 3.27/5 First Steps

Becca Roseberry attempting the monkey face highline one more time as the sun sets over Smith Rock. Chris and Larry set this line up.
Submitted by: markd on 2005-05-05
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In the Shadow of the Monkey

Average Rating = 2.00/5 In the Shadow of the Monkey

Well, we heard about it and read about it. WE WANTED TO DO THE MONKEY. WE got there, we saw the monkey, WE WANT TO GET IT NEXT YEAR. The monkey blew us away, the exposure, the height, the grades (we wanted to do the pioneer route)...another day. Photo by me on April 13th 2005.
Submitted by: tattooed_climber on 2005-05-01
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Our Friend from the Pass

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Our Friend from the Pass

Ok, so the picture is from Astrisk Pass, not Monkey Face, but it's posted here for now until the guy in the picture finds it, and then I'll move the shot...friend, if you find these pics leave me a comment so I know that you found them and can move this one to the right spot!
Submitted by: autumngirl on 2005-03-17
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