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Mom Spotting

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Mom Spotting

No one, but no one, will be careful like your mom. Ann spotting Colin (age 9).
Submitted by: Toast_in_the_Machine on 2010-04-05
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How a Kid Views the World

Average Rating = 0.00/5 How a Kid Views the World

How the world really looks to a kid
Submitted by: Toast_in_the_Machine on 2009-07-27 | Last Modified: 2009-08-10
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I'm waiting

Average Rating = 4.00/5 I'm waiting

Waiting for belayer to get their act together
Submitted by: Toast_in_the_Machine on 2015-12-08
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How is the climbing trip going?

Average Rating = 0.00/5 How is the climbing trip going?

Colin climbed down the about 10 feet from between "Cell Block" to "Jailhouse Rock" (~5.4). He then got his shoes wet and sandy so Ann threw him down his climbing shoes. The thumbs up is to say that he is OK, if getting a bit wet and cold. Nothing like dad's "Mr. N00b" guide service to deliver a great adventure.
Submitted by: Toast_in_the_Machine on 2012-02-23
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