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Haydee top-roping

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Haydee top-roping

My wife top-roping at Las Canteras
Submitted by: bergo on 2006-11-18
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Guagua Pichincha Beta

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Guagua Pichincha Beta

The perfect place for people who want to try high altitude rock climbing with aggressive weather and a nice panoramic view of the city
Submitted by: bergo on 2005-11-29
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My new t-shirt

Average Rating = 3.18/5 My new t-shirt

Da Vinci's Vitruvian with a rock climbing touch. My gear, a little Photoshop, a little Painter, 99% transpiration, and here it is: a new design for a t-shirt.
Submitted by: bergo on 2005-08-02
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Average Rating = 3.00/5 TOPOS LOS CHILLOS

I think the name of the place is "Santa Clara de Calsig" but I'm not sure. $0.50 p/person $0.50 p/car
Submitted by: bergo on 2005-01-28
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Snake's Eye

Average Rating = 3.54/5 Snake's Eye

Trying to send Ojo de Serpiente (Snake's Eye) on a cold mourning. I finally decided just traverse it b/c this boulder problem is very dirty as you can see, and very chossy. It's not so difficult to climb, there are only a few meters to the top, 4 or 5, but you will like to use your pro or a rope since it is on a 75 face of Machipungo Mt (4200 meters over the sea level) and there is not a place where you can use a crash pad, there's only room for your feet. If you fall down you might end at the bottom of La Encaada Valley 150 meters below. It gave me the sensation of soloing a big wall! I'll have to come back with a brush, a rope and a spotter bigger than my 10 years old son who took this pic and named the route.
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-11-04
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Average Rating = 3.00/5 Downclimbing

Time to come home. E. Gallardo coming back to el refugio after an easy training/very windy day at El Cayambe.
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-10-08
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Average Rating = 4.16/5 Acequia

Water! It's just amazing. This photo was taken by E. Gallardo, a mountaineer I lead to El Inga on a hiking training trip. This photo made it an artistic outdoor experience.
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-10-07
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El Amo

Average Rating = 3.50/5 El Amo

Amo (means Lord, or Master..) waiting for his "daddy" at Guagua Pichincha Mountain. Look those tears in his face!
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-08-28
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Amo 2

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Amo 2

"Amo" (as I said means Lord, Master...) running to the top of Guagua Pichincha Mountain... I think he did the road twice or thrice!!! He reached one point 20 meters in front of us and returned to see how things was going with us and then back to his lead running.
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-08-28
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Wireless Cayambe

Average Rating = 3.20/5 Wireless Cayambe

I photoshoped this one to remove that ??? electricity wires. I'll do the same with the rest of them later, when I'm less lazy...
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-08-11
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Comin' home

Average Rating = 3.78/5 Comin' home

Me @ El Valle de Collanes starting the road back home from El Altar
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-07-13 | Last Modified: 2007-04-09
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Once in a lifetime

Average Rating = 3.83/5 Once in a lifetime

I was on a trekking day at El Inga, Pichincha, Ecuador. They say that you can see the Antisana (5704 meters / 18.714 feet above the sea level) when the day is clear.This is the first time in 15 years I can see the giant! They say this happens only once in your life, since the clouds are always around the mountain, but sure I want to see that again! It is magical. The photo is just nothing against being there and watch it with your own eyes. You can smell the snow!!!
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-06-25
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An Eagle

Average Rating = 3.00/5 An Eagle

I was testing the rock of this 30 mts. wall. Then I heard that scream and watched above and there was a couple of this beautiful eagles just a few feet over my head. They were defending their nest on the top of the "Ayatola" rocks. (In quichua, the ancient lenguage of the incas: Aya=Dead, Tola=tomb) I tried to take a picture in that very moment but my ??*%$#?? camera was very deep in my back pack. The only good picture I could take is this one.
Submitted by: bergo on 2003-04-02
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Vicky in Ecuador

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Vicky in Ecuador

vickiC climbing Librito (5.10a)
Submitted by: bergo on 2007-01-24 | Last Modified: 2007-06-11
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El Techo de La Abeja

Average Rating = 0.00/5 El Techo de La Abeja

Submitted by: bergo on 2009-10-02
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