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Kevin top rope soloing Zig Zag, Suicide Walls, Hong Kong

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Kevin top rope soloing Zig Zag, Suicide Walls, Hong Kong

Kevin Coniam after only a few solid climbing days under his belt top rope soloing Zig Zag on Suicide Walls, Hong Kong. Good friend and good weather!
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2006-01-04
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Hong Kong profile shot

Average Rating = 4.67/5 Hong Kong profile shot

Just a shot of me after completing an early ascent of new climb at Central Crag in Hong Kong. Behind you can see the IFC tower and Victoria Harbor and various residential buildings. It really is neat place =)
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2005-07-09
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Out of Place - Krabi, Thailand.

Average Rating = 3.85/5 Out of Place - Krabi, Thailand.

Picture of a tree near to Krabi that was sitting out alone in a tidal alcove. I am sure it has been swept away. I thought I would just share this with you all - I have had it sitting around for a long time.
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2005-02-27
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1968 - Hong Kong - Kowloon Peak

Average Rating = 3.50/5 1968 - Hong Kong - Kowloon Peak

This is a picture of author, D.C. Reeve climbing Kilnsey 2 (A2) of Overhang Crag, Kowloon Peak. He published "A Guide to Rockclimbing in Hong Kong" in 1968. This photo of him was on the inside of the front cover of his book. Old pictures like this seem hard to come by these days. Enjoy.
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2004-10-21
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My Sick Feet

Average Rating = 3.25/5 My Sick Feet

I've seen a number of gross feet pictures on - so now, here is mine. Lets start with deformities. Left foot is bigger than right foot, long toes on both feet. Fungal infection on left and right big toe nail (thus the chopped down nails) - it's spreading to the other toes. On the sole of my left foot is a wart and on the pinky toe of my right is another wart. The red blemishes and scabs you can see seem to be caused by some strange little black bug that has been crawling on me lately, biting me and causing a reaction with my skin - it's also left some nice deep puffy rimmed pits with greenish scabs in the centre. The left foot has recently begun blistering for some reason and the right just got done with a nasty spotty rash. Also, the wounds have been doing a great deal of fluid excretion. Beautiful?
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2004-06-14
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Loose flake. Time to Prissy foot.

Average Rating = 3.12/5 Loose flake. Time to Prissy foot.

Recently first ascended by Jason and Simon (I forget your last names...) this is one of the early ascents of this route. The flake is large and loose - don't want to drop it on the belayer .... however, apparently someone recently removed it a couple hours after me. Well... it looks like the grade has been changed!
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2004-05-05
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Autograph of Chris Bonington

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Autograph of Chris Bonington

Went to a talk by Chris Bonington about a month or so ago... kindly signed an old book of mine which he forwarded. Talk consisted mainly of his attempts up Everest. Great guy, pushing 70 I believe and still climbing hard. Good stuff. Kind of funny, most of the other people watch were from a 'Football Club' - many I'm sure have never touched rock... was it the power of climbing, the power of Bonington or the rapid constant hyping of 'EVEREST' in the media that made them watch? Hmmmm Anyway, thought you might like to see... Go see him if you ever have a chance to.
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2004-04-01
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Crack City

Average Rating = 3.81/5 Crack City

Matt Traver climbing 'Scrub' - a 5.9 (HVS 4b) crack on kowloon peak... very good climb. Found it to be one of the more mental climbs I've had due to tricky placements (wavy crack) and a large run out of maybe 25ft at one point... only my 3rd trad lead so :| (photo by dc)
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2004-02-28
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Rap off of the secret Pitch #2

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Rap off of the secret Pitch #2

James Budge, setting up for the rappel off pitch two in Beacon Hill. Quite a few do not know of this two pitch route at the crag. Check out the view of the Kowloon below.
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2004-02-15
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Lantau Island Sunset

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Lantau Island Sunset

A photo op. I had a summer evening a year or two ago... contrail and sunset... fairly lucky on that considering contrails around here only crop up every couple of days out of a year...
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2004-01-21
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hong kong slacking

Average Rating = 3.30/5 hong kong slacking

same shot of matt traver slacking on a 20ft length taken by 'dc'
Submitted by: far_east_climber on 2003-12-01
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