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Average Rating = 3.00/5 Following "We Dive at Dawn"

Fell up the thing and bailed near the top....wasn't having a very good day that day. But, I want to change my profile picture, and so I am submitting this one. There - is that 40 characters!? Photo by Wojtek(Tradrenn)
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2006-04-02
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My Virgin FA Lead

Average Rating = 4.00/5 My Virgin FA Lead

Though there will be those who give me crap about it, being a very short climb, or even for having the audacity to claim being first on anything in the area, I am still proud of myself. I came up to Peterskill a few weeks previous to do some bouldering and familiarize myself with the place. Walking the cliffline and following the guidebook, I happened across this corner(right facing of Very Blocky Wall) and heard the little voice saying "dirty, dirty, dirty....hmmmmmm, wonder what that's about." So, I volunteered my partners next time I came out, and up we went. Everyone's got to start somewhere. Photo by KimmyT.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2005-06-20
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Gotta Trust Yer Belay.......

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Gotta Trust Yer Belay.......

The photographer decided to get a joke picture on me. I am a new leader; this is my second lead, done on request because the "middleman" belayer wanted to toprope this highball problem. My partner and I were the only ones who had gear placement skills and he couldn't scramble up back to set it up, having recently broken his elbow, so it was up to me. He suggested I lead up rather than scramble, and of course I was happy to get such an easy opportunity to gain experience. He gave the belayer an impromptu lesson and I was like "Ohhh...kay; I'll just not be falling on this one...." But once I got up to the "falling wouldn't be fun" level, I got a bit nervous. The thought occurred that my belayer would probably not hold my fall if I came off, and you know....once that thought gets thunk, it tends to weigh heavier than a newbie rack chock full "just in case." I asked broken elbow guy to back him up. He laughed and said "What, got trust issues?" He put someone else as backup and said "Don't let go, either of you." And then he must have saw a photo op, because he insisted on putting everyone to work while he went to dig my camera from the pack, snickering the whole time. At the point of the click, I am saying "All we need now is my little dog tugging at the end of the line......" Photo by Curt Johnson.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2005-05-19
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My First Bouldering Send

Average Rating = 0.00/5 My First Bouldering Send

My friend and I had just finished climbing Stichter Quits, and were scouting the rocks west of Echo Rock. We came across a group of boulderers and started talking, then went to the rock next door(pictured), which had a nice crack running the entire distance. My friend sent it first try, but me....I chickened out after the first move. Afraid to fall...... Then the other group walked by and we invited them to try it. After they all sent, or made their efforts, I realized I had better make a better attempt. I fell from way up, one move from topping out, and was surprised that the landing was so soft. I tried again, and with commitment, I sent the thing! Phot by Curt Johnson
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2005-04-20
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Off To Work I Go...

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Off To Work I Go...

I came down to Lost Wall to help a friend work some new lines, and have lots of fun. The choices to descend to the cliff base are either by way of this beautiful rappel that runs next to a waterfall, or down a gulley with running water, both of which have approaches that are a bit taxing, at least for a girl used to the Gunks stairmaster.... Photo by Curt Johnson.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2005-03-25
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Guess I Look Like I'm Bouldering....

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Guess I Look Like I'm Bouldering....

....but the truth is, I was just playing around and my friend snapped the picture at a good spot. This was my first time evn trying to boulder, and though I was able to make one of two moves, I certainly can't say I was working on anything. Still, it's fun..... Photo by Curt Johnson.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2005-03-25
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The Afterglow....

Average Rating = 0.00/5 The Afterglow....

...of my first lead. Yes, it was dark, and though my partner swears this was because I was slooooowwwww, I am pretty damned sure that it was he who was the slowpoke....Of course, he was packing 60 pounds and didn't have a headlamp on. Silly rabbit. Anyway, he had the foresight to grab my camera and snap my picture as soon as he went off anchor, for posterity. The climb is a 5.5 that has seen only 5 or 6 climbs before this one. I did well, was calm and rational, and made a clean ascent. I feel pretty lucky to have an interesting first lead, and not some popular beginner's lead at the Gunks(not that there's anything wrong with that). Photo by Curt Johnson.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2005-03-25
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Marty and Amy on Toe Jam

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Marty and Amy on Toe Jam

Having your own (semi)private rock formations as a campsite backyard was just about the most cool feature I've ever seen in a campground! We had lot #28, which is just to the right of Toe Jam. Each morning I'd wake up, get out of the tent and look up, to see someone doing the climb. Here is Marty and Amy, who I travelled to JTree with, on the route.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2005-01-04
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Sunrise Viewed from Behind the Outhouse

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Sunrise Viewed from Behind the Outhouse

Just what the title says. A more pictuesque public potty run I've never had....
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2005-01-04
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Maya Enjoying the View

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Maya Enjoying the View

Maya was the first of our group to run this route on this day, and she was so excited the whole time. her first chimney climb!
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-10-23
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Sid in Silhouette

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Sid in Silhouette

Here's Sid, topping out on Bunk Arete. After seeing me go up, he decided to climb in his sneakers, to give the climb a little more challenge.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-10-23
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Grant on Sissy Boys

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Grant on Sissy Boys

The guys set up a toprope on this climb, as we had just a short amount of time before heading out at day's end.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-10-23
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Another Shot of Myself

Average Rating = 2.50/5 Another Shot of Myself

...on a climb called "First Day." Photo taken by Mike Rawdon.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-08-21
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Myself, on

Average Rating = 2.50/5 Myself, on

A beautiful day at Peterskill, and yet another climb I need to add to my "try again next time" list..... Photo taken by Mike Rawdon
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-08-10
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Adam on

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Adam on

I met Adam through his cousin Tim, here on RC, when I posted for partners to go in with me on hiring a guide for the day. He's pretty cool, and it was fun hanging with him. Photo by Terrie(happiegrrrl).
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-08-10
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Tim Leading Un-named Crack Climb

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Tim Leading Un-named Crack Climb

I met Tim through RC, when I posted for partners to work with a guide. It was fun watching him lead this route. Photo by Terrie(happiegrrrl).
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-08-10
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At Peterskill, On Cheese Grits

Average Rating = 2.00/5 At Peterskill, On Cheese Grits

Climbing on rock is so much better than gym climbing. Photographed by Joe Frankel.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-05-25
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At Peterskill, on Cheese Grits

Average Rating = 2.40/5 At Peterskill, on Cheese Grits

I'm new to climbing, and this is only my second outdoor trip. It is SO much fun.....I wish I could ditch the job and be a climbing bum.... Anyway, it felt so good to get past that flake with a layback - never did one before..... Unfortunately, about 3 moves after this photo, I peeled off and pendulummed right into that blank part of the face, right below the roof. I guess I should consider myself lucky - a nice, smooth splotch spot must feel a lot better than getting gouged over more rugged surface. Photographed by Joe Frankel.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-05-25
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Better Luck Next Time

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Better Luck Next Time

So far, so good, but when I get to the traverse....I'm just too damned scared to move through it....Wasted all my energy holding on instead. My first climb out at Peterskill, on Reach Around. Photographed by Curt Meissner.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-05-24
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Just my profile pic

Average Rating = 2.75/5 Just my profile pic

This was my first climb as a second, in a basic rock climbing workshop at the Delaware Water Gap. Didn't expect to be shown more than top-rope, and when the group said they wanted to see our instructor lead a climb - I jumped at the chance to follow. It was only an 80-foot climb on a 5.2 route....but who cares - for a beginner's class, it was more than I could have asked for.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2004-05-04
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Surfer Dood

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Surfer Dood

This sign sits at the base of the Gunks, one of the most well known climbing cliffs in America, if not the world.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2007-05-24 | Last Modified: 2007-05-25
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Queen Victoria Summit

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Queen Victoria Summit

Top out on the route Queen Victoria, 5.7, in Sedona, AZ.
Submitted by: happiegrrrl on 2011-05-21
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