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Average Rating = 4.00/5 Project

First move on one of the projects in Krushuna region. I never made it to the last hold...
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2005-02-28
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Kaloian climbing at St. Trinity

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Kaloian climbing at St. Trinity

This photo is of my friend Kaloian and it was taken during the summer of 2004.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2005-01-14
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Average Rating = 2.33/5 Ouch

This is at Krushuna waterfalls area. This place is amazing and it has thousands of undeveloped problems(routes). This is Kaloain Nikolov from Lovech-BG and me trying to stay on the "rock".
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-12-06
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Average Rating = 3.00/5 Lovech

The climbing wall in Lovech town. It is pretty nice outdoor wall!
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-12-06
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Average Rating = 3.89/5 Fori

This is Fori climbing the route rated 9+ in Lakatnik. This region of rocks is really nice for sport climbing!
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-07-15
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Main Rocks

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Main Rocks

This is another picture of the main rocks in Lovech. There is a new project of overhanging routes under the main massive where you can hardly see it on the picture.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-05-26
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Usteto East A

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Usteto East A

This is one of the climbing areas near Veliko Turnovo City.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-05-01
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Usteto East B

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Usteto East B

This is one of the climbing areas near Veliko Turnovo City.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-05-01
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Outside Wall

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Outside Wall

This is a Climbing Wall which is located in Lovech City about a mile away from the main rocks. It was just made in April, 2004.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-04-29
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Luc Skywalker

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Luc Skywalker

Luc Skywalker is the one with the blue line. The grade of this problem is V3.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-04-29
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The Central Wall. photo was taken by Nikolay Petkov

Average Rating = 3.00/5 The Central Wall. photo was taken by Nikolay Petkov

This is the big wall between the Central Ridge and the ridge Chaika. It is the gem of Vratza Rocks. With its 350 m this is the highest wall in Bulgaria (and not only) of this rock type (dolomite with small height over the sea level). The routes on this wall are among the hardest in Bulgaria.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-04-29
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Average Rating = 2.50/5 Vratza

Most of the climbing routes in the entire area go along fissures, opened along the layers surfaces. They are usually open and for belay are needed friends, wallnuts and wider pegs. Another group of routes go on the layer's surfaces themselves using cracks directed across the layers (the routes the "Mirrors", "Jubileen"). Most of them are closed, smooth surfaces, which makes the necessary the use of narrower pegs. Under the action of the erosion some widely opened layer's surfaces are eroded in depth (route "Mihail Hergiani"). The limestone there is softer and breakable. In general for the climbing area Vrattzata can be said that it's very interesting and is characterized with diverse rock shapes, demanding the use of all types of climbing and diverse gear - wallnuts, friends etc. Wallnuts are used more often in comparison with the friends, because the cracks are rarely with nice, smooth sides. Many times you may come across smooth slabs with small pockets as well as rings. Sometimes they can be used for belay by running a sling through them. Another characteristic of the massif is that it has much vegetation - trees, bushes and grass. Some of the trees can be used for belay but most of them (as well as the bushes and the weeds) only fill up the forms of the rock, impede climbing and are at least unpleasant. However, there are some exceptions. For example the massif of "Hergiani". Most of the new routes are swiped as well as the massifs that became "Climbing gardens" - "The Small Vrattza", the section next to the road of the Vrattzata pass, "The Small Hole", "The Big Hole". The rock is generally solid. The rocks that form the ridges are more breakable. Some danger of rock falls exists for the routes, which are near to gullies and to chimneys. (For example the routes "The Chimneys", "The Rainbow"). In the past while climbing in hot weather of dusty routes appeared the so-called "Vratza pimple". It is a rash noticeable mainly on the areas of the body, which tend to have contact with the clothing. However, it doesn't happen very often. As a precaution try to avoid contact with the bushes and the grass. On these rocks you may see the most dangerous European snake - the ashy snake. It is recognizable with its small horn. If a bite occurs it's necessary to go for medical treatment. Many times you will see lizards on the rock, which are absolutely harmless. Other dwellers in the area are the goats. They can reach exceptionally difficult for approach places. Sometimes they can cause rock falls originating from the sliding stones above the climbing areas.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-04-27
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The main part

Average Rating = 2.50/5 The main part

This is pretty much the main part of the climbing area. This picture is little bit from far away, but there are so many nice routes that you would love. They are as high as 20 meters.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-04-25
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Main rocks

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Main rocks

The natural wealth and the active functioning of the Alpine Club Trapezitsa" in Veliko Turnovo are the foundation for the established wonderful conditions for the climbers. Therefore in 1989 a round of the World Cup Championship competitions for climbing was held here. The climbing places near the ancient monastery ,,St. Trinity" and the place ,,Ousteto" are equipped / for safety/ and offer a real diversity of routes coupled with unique natural fascination.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-04-25
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Average Rating = 3.00/5 Map

Here is a map of the climbing place that is about 2-3 miles away from Tarnovo- the city.
Submitted by: lovechxtream on 2004-04-25
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