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On the rails

Average Rating = 1.00/5 On the rails

Ciaran bearing his teeth on the side pull of the rails. ps
Submitted by: nomad on 2006-05-02
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Run Of The Arrows(Landscape)

Average Rating = 3.61/5 Run Of The Arrows(Landscape)

Climber: Me(Stuart Wallace) Date: 31/07/2005 This is a classic 3* 30m pitch around the corner from the main wall. The start is interesting as you have to swing aroung an arete to get on route, the penalty for failure is a dunk in the sea.
Submitted by: nomad on 2006-01-10
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Run of the Arrows

Average Rating = 3.56/5 Run of the Arrows

A photo of myself on Run of The Arrows on Gola Island off the coast of Donegal. Taken 31 July 2005.
Submitted by: nomad on 2005-08-04
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The Claw

Average Rating = 2.00/5 The Claw

On our trip to Font last September we ended up spending our first day in some minor area, this pic was taken then. Climber(Boulderer) is my friend Jamie.
Submitted by: nomad on 2005-03-09
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Le toit du cul du chien

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Le toit du cul du chien

Myself on the acclaimed le toit du cul du chien. Unfortunately I didn't quite make it this time but next time I will (I hope).
Submitted by: nomad on 2005-03-09
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Glendo at its finest

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Glendo at its finest

Glendalough (Gaelic) roughly translates to The Glen of Two Lakes, this is one of them. This submission is composed of 2 shots put together, still working on how to do this really well but I'll get there someday.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-09-17
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Neil in Glendo

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Neil in Glendo

Neil Carolan climbing pyramid peak(HVS) in Glendalough. This route had a cool move half way up where a great void had to be crossed.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-08-31
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Bouldering in Ground Zero

Average Rating = 3.20/5 Bouldering in Ground Zero

There is a really nice traverse of a cave close to the sea in Ground Zero, Portrane. Thanks to my friend Sean for snapping this of me.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-08-31
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Good Times

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Good Times

This is a pic of myself on the route 'Good Times'. Although only a few feet(exaggeration) off the hard deck, this was some of the most strenous climbing I've done.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-08-31
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Second Right limb

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Second Right limb

For this climb I had my right leg surgically attached to my right shoulder, or so it would appear. This is a really tricky problem that has a soul destroying dyno finish much further up.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-08-31
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Average Rating = 3.25/5 Determination

This is another shot of my friend Mick climbing one of the classic routes in the Burren. This shot was taken Easter Sunday 2004.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-04-19
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In the beginning there was Genesis

Average Rating = 2.33/5 In the beginning there was Genesis

This is my friend Honza climbing Genesis. Genesis is a climb that looks great in photographs but the first piece of gear is not until you are halfway up, this is Ireland so there are no bolts.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-04-17
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All in a days work

Average Rating = 4.00/5 All in a days work

This is the Mirror Wall of the Burren. The route is called 'Phoenix in the Mirror' graded E6(6c). I cought this photo after a long day climbing, these two were only starting this 35m.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-04-17
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Mick climbing The Ocean

Average Rating = 1.50/5 Mick climbing The Ocean

This is a shot of my friend Mick about to tackle "The Ocean" E2(6a) on Easter Sunday 2004. Start below the roof and work the crack to the top. About 30m I think.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-04-17
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Jamie on Poltergeist

Average Rating = 1.67/5 Jamie on Poltergeist

On a sunny day in march? We decided to top rope "the ghost" however what jamie climbed was poltergeist just beside the ghost.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-03-16
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Stuart Wallace

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Stuart Wallace

Stuart Wallace (nomad). This is me Belaying Dave Stacey In Dalkey.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-03-01
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Myself climbing Paradise

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Myself climbing Paradise

Myself (Stuart Wallace) climbing Paradise in Dalkey Quarrey, Dave Stacey is visable at the top.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-02-28
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Dave leading Yorkshire

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Dave leading Yorkshire

Dave Stacey leading Yourshire Pudding on a freezing day last week.
Submitted by: nomad on 2004-02-28
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