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Those summer nights...

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Those summer nights...

A Yo!Basecamper boulders after dark on the summer East Side camp. I can't remember what boulder it was, I'm guessing it was The Hulk on the Happy Boulder but I'm not quite sure.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2006-08-14
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Damned rope drag...

Average Rating = 2.75/5 Damned rope drag...

I'm half smiling, half grimacing after coming over Cathedral's summit blocks. They scared me... and the rope drag was horrendous. Great day, though!
Submitted by: roseraie on 2006-08-14
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One Orange Coloured Day...

Average Rating = 4.12/5 One Orange Coloured Day...

During yet another afternoon by Sail Away, I got creative with my camera. I missed JTree while I was away, and I think this photo successfully captures the bizarreness of the aura there...
Submitted by: roseraie on 2005-12-25
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Approaching Whekenui

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Approaching Whekenui

Chris, Ryan, and Sam walk along the beach to Whekenui on a dismal day. We ended up toproping in the rain. The place is magical, though.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2005-11-23
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Matan dogs Grumpy Cat

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Matan dogs Grumpy Cat

Matan and Ido on their perpetual project, Make My Grumpy Cat Dance. This is the legendary Globe Wall at Paynes Ford.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2005-11-23
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Profile of the vicious jt512

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Profile of the vicious jt512

Jay looks particularly docile as Anna racks up to lead Right Peyote Crack. Lovely J-Tree day...
Submitted by: roseraie on 2005-11-16
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LeeAnn Cranks on Tales of the Sea

Average Rating = 5.00/5 LeeAnn Cranks on Tales of the Sea

LeeAnn shows what she's made of on a brisk day at the seacliffs in Pohara. Photo by Meg.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2005-05-31
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Meg on Gecko Crack

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Meg on Gecko Crack

Meg hides from the rain on the exposed Gecko Crack at the seacliffs in Pohara. It's coooommmmminnngg...
Submitted by: roseraie on 2005-05-31 | Last Modified: 2007-11-28
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The Hole

Average Rating = 4.00/5 The Hole

Canadian Chris hangs (relieved) from the hole during his onsight of 1080 and the Letter G. You can see the rain coming in in the background... oh no, we'll be forced to spend another afternoon drinking on the bunkhouse porch at Hangdog.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2005-05-11
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Hillary and Caesar

Average Rating = 2.83/5 Hillary and Caesar

Hillary enjoys the "sights" on our birthday trip to Red Rocks. October 2/3, 2004.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-10-08
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Dave on the pendulum

Average Rating = 3.80/5 Dave on the pendulum

Dave (caughtinside) thinks the penje on Royal Arches is fun. September 2004.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-09-27
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The red pants help

Average Rating = 4.00/5 The red pants help

UCSD's Sun God festival is the only day the research university's students emerge from the library and attempt to be social. The Climbing Center staff set up slacklines near the center of the day's activities. Amy demonstrates her slacking prowess to hoardes of not-very-sober non-climbers. Note that she is NOT in fact holding onto the tree, like the guy on the other line. May 2004.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-07-10
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Average Rating = 4.40/5 courtWRIGHT

Me on top of... Spring Dome, I think... at Courtwright Reservoir.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2006-11-23 | Last Modified: 2006-11-25
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Why bouldering scares me...

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Why bouldering scares me...

Meg sketching on an 80-point problem that WAS A TOPROPE LAST YEAR... it's fun being up there, scared, and staring directly at a bolt. Photo by Adam K. (trenchdigger)
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-05-27
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Into the sunset

Average Rating = 3.44/5 Into the sunset

Meg clipping on her last route of the day, as the sun sets. I was REALLY HAPPY because right before this, I redpointed my first 5.11... I just HAD to do one more route. Photo by Susan Tam.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-05-26
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Meg leading Duchess

Average Rating = 2.75/5 Meg leading Duchess

This was my first 5.6 trad lead, and my favorite trad lead to date. It's a crack to a face section with a bolt and back into the crack. Man, was that bolt welcome. Photo by Art Morimitsu.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-04-09
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Art on Strength in Numbers

Average Rating = 3.17/5 Art on Strength in Numbers

Art having fun playing around on a difficult problem in the Sads. President's Day weekend 2004.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-02-17
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Meg leading Pinched Rib

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Meg leading Pinched Rib

Meg at the crux moves of her redpoint (or headpoint, I suppose, since this was the first attempt on lead) of Pinched Rib, 5.10b. Photo by Epic_Ed.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-01-20
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Rosaraie topping out

Average Rating = 2.71/5 Rosaraie topping out

Rosaraie proudly topping out after her first trad lead! Uploaded by maculated for Rosaraie's profile
Submitted by: roseraie on 2004-01-05
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meg at lawson peak

Average Rating = 3.81/5 meg at lawson peak

Me toproping a 100-foot 5.10+ called the Komodo Dragon at Lawson Peak. Photo by Adam (trenchdigger)
Submitted by: roseraie on 2003-05-28
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Art on Heart of Darkness

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Art on Heart of Darkness

Art enjoys shade on Heart of Darkness on a hot JTree afternoon.
Submitted by: roseraie on 2006-05-07
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Wings make me fly

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Wings make me fly

Heading up to BBQ on top of Intersection Rock... the costume was mandatory!
Submitted by: roseraie on 2010-03-29
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