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Summer of Steele

Summer of Steele (view)

Chaco and Rock/Creek Outfitters are teaming up to help the Southeastern Climbers Coalition purchase a new climbing area near Steele, Alabama. Check out more and buy some sandals at

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Submitted by: akornylak on 2009-04-03 | Views: 3493

Comment jhernand on 2009-04-03
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The 1st guy looks like Mark Wahlberg...
Comment akornylak on 2009-04-03
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Brad may or may not be happy about that haha.
Comment kinz on 2009-04-03
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i dont wanna come off sounding like a dick here (for once lol ...... really im serious!) but i gotta comment. i think what all three of those organizations did was an amazing thing. giving a gift like that to the community is an amazing thing and they should be praised for it but..... do we really need to post commercials about it on websites like this? i was psyched to see a sick climbing vid and instead i get people spraying about their sponsorship while i get to see one closeup of an actual crag. nobodys even climbing! i dunno, it just seems kinda weaksauce.
Comment 5 out of 5 stars Valarc on 2009-04-03
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kinz you're a douche. Andrew's videos promoting climbing access in the south have been nothing short of spectacular, and he's done amazing work to help spread the word and get people involved in keeping our crags open for generations to come. If you haven't watched "Heart of Stone", also by Andrew, you're missing out. Bravo, Andrew, and thanks for posting this!
Comment akornylak on 2009-04-04
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Kinz, I feel you! I think everyone would like to see some rad footage of climbing at Steele. After the crag officially opens, come on down and get you some!
Comment kinz on 2009-04-06
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not saying the video isnt well made and i also second the idea that heart of stone is rad. just felt a lot like a commercial is all im saying. thanks for not taking offense andrew and i will most definitely be out there to sample the goodness.