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My new secret bouldering spot

My new secret bouldering spot (view)

The rock quality is amazing; limestone full of crimps, slopers, jugs, and sidepulls. The left side is easy but challenging for beginners. The far right is the V2, next to that one on the left is the V1, and the long traverse is a V1. The V1's don't look very hard in the video, but it's the handholds that make them hard. There is one where you wrap your thumb around a tiny nubbin and you pinky and ring finger can hold on to a small edge. The traverse also has a sloper and a slopey crimp. The V2 is made difficult due to the slopey holds during almost the entire second half of the climb. The landing zone for the place takes a little getting used to since it's on a hill, this can be seen at the end of the video (which is the V1 without the direct start). I wish I could tell everyone in Louisville where this bouldering spot is, but sure enough we didn't climb there a single day without a caretaker coming by and giving us a speech about it being private property. He said he wouldn't call the cops, but if he keeps seeing us there all the time...

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Submitted by: stickclip on 2010-08-23 | Views: 2204

Comment jhernand on 2010-08-23
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really pullin at strings here... right? i guess somehting is better then nothing in this case. but in lighter news... i see at least 6 more lines in there to be had! oh man... gold mine!
Comment johnwesely on 2010-08-24
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Why are you trying to promote your "secret spot"?
Comment rokshoxbkr19 on 2010-08-24
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this sux
Comment cavemanNdisguise on 2010-08-24
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You live 2 hours from the Red and you're climbing this? Respect.