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Patagonia Expedition Race 2005

Patagonia Expedition Race 2005 (view)

This video was taken during PATAGONIA EXPEDITION RACE 2005, an adventure race that takes place in the Chilean Patagonia every year in February and it has disciplines such as kayaking, trekking, mountain bike, rope work and orienting; in 2007 PATAGONIA EXPEDITION RACE was the longest adventure race ever made with over 1.100 kilometers. If you want to see more of these beautiful landscapes check this website and to get to known with this amazing experience check the official website:

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Submitted by: patagoniasur on 2008-01-31 | Views: 2575

Comment panacea82 on 2008-01-31
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good video but the soundtrack SUCKS!
Comment p0bray01 on 2008-02-01
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Yeah I would not choose ROb zombies "scum of the earth" for a nice vid like that....def. adrenaline pumpin tho.
Comment duracellbunny on 2008-02-01
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I loved the video and the music, great work!!!
Comment Fenst on 2008-02-04
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Nice video aweful music...what would Baraka be like if they had a soundtrack like that? Discouraging to say the least.