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Comments by crackmd (3)

Great vid until the end when the real reason for the vid became quite clear. Nothing against Christians, but this seems like a form of advertisement to me which I believe there are rules against on this site (or at least there should be).
I request that the mods give some thought into whether this video belongs on If reps from Black Diamond started threads about why Camelots are superior to Aliens on, there is no doubt it would be deleted at once (as it should be). Advertising for a religious group on is no different.

This vid was quite bothersome to me. After being lured in by 6 minutes of pretty cool climbing footage and an interview of a real cool guy, they lay the propaganda on overly thick.

Lilallan. I try to avoid personal attacks on this site but your post is poorly thought and downright illiterate. You should stick to climbing since your future in anything involving communication or intelligence is quite bleak.
Great video! Inspiring to this vegan climber.