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Comments by sbaclimber (2)

I have to pipe up in support of what was done, not that you will see me wandering around with a car jack anytime soon. Those of you who know nothing about the rock here in NZ, and the local "ethics" to boot, really should reserve your opinion.
About 2 years ago, here in Christchurch (4hrs N of Dunedin), someone stuck a cam behind a very large refrigerator sized block, on a fairy well traveled line, and fell. Both that block, and its twin next door, fell off and the guy died (yes, he was wearing a helmet).
Someone mentioned Devils Tower.... If memory serves correct, a father and son duo died a few years back when one of those pillars fell off as well. I realise the local ethic there dictates that blocks are left to fall off on their own accord (or when someone is trying to climb), but around here many climbers are sensible enough to be willing to remove bits that are quite obviously dangerous.
And yes, even though a car-jack may have been needed when that vid was recorded, it could just as well have been a layback move the following month that pulled that off. I would imagine that Steve has a pretty good feel for the rock around there, and was doing what needed to be done to make that line safe.
[quote]how do you thimk on doping tha pice of stone??[/quote]
LOL, new sig anyone!?