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First time out of the Gym

First time out of the Gym (view)

My 13 yo working out on a little Overhanging wall we found just north of the Pecos. This is on a 15-18 ft high 100 foot long sandstone overhang. Located 1.5 mile up Dalton Canyon look up and to the right (north) if you get to the logging road you just missed it.(approx 6 miles north of Pecos) Boulder all day or work short climbs. There is a nice tree and rock to support top roping. Short but long overhang, a lot of bouldering. So far it has one short climb "afternoon delight" 5.11C ish, just top rope from tree the route is below the corner by the tree. I made this little climb it but that was 14 years ago and couldn't get it last time I was there. I think it has many great routes that need tapped. Cons/Dangers are; the rock is not very clean and if you climb out/up to the 10 ft mark the fall is down a nice rocky slope. Pros: (We my kid and i) am the only ones who has climbed it (that I am aware of), so open game! It is south facing, so on a sunny day it is workable it late fall and early spring. Hell, winter if you can get up the road and love the cold. I have moved back to NM and I am ready to climb again. I am hoping my daughter catches the bug, someday she will have to belay me. Looking for climbers in NM to help bolt and come up with routes. I know of a few other untapped cliffs in the area.

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