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ROPE JUMP - The Movie

Average Rating = 3.70/5 ROPE JUMP - The Movie

1 year of design and trials, $10000 total invested in equipment (ropes, hardware and cameras) and several close calls resulted in a trip of a lifetime for me... This video documents the Moab adventure and the culmination of physics, bolt, rigging and rope knowledge to create a 450ft freefall pendulum. This system uses only one 10milimeter climbing rope to arrest the fall and a second in case the first breaks. It is not bungee jumping nor base jumping, but something entirely different that provides an unrivaled sidewall and ground rush for the ultimate thrill. If you have to ask why, I can't tell you why because sometimes I don't know why. I just did it. Gavin and Dave, we couldn't have got this set up without you guys. You made this possible! Hatton, I am telling your mother on you. Stay away from edges. Shane - Best design partner ever. Let's break the record! God - Thank you for always watching out for us.
norwejon on 2008-12-11 | Views: 6567 | Votes: 10 | Comments: 10