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Date Added   Item Price Country
2014-04-15 marketing manager, seller Spain
2014-04-15 Spanish Climbing Road Trip 500 EUR Spain
2014-04-14 La Sportiva TC Pros 40.5 125 USD United States
2014-04-09 Image AvailableWTT size 11.5 for 12.0 WTT size 11.5 for 12.0 1 USD United States
2014-04-08 Private hot-weather (canyon) climbing park near Austin 5 USD United States
2014-04-05 Gear Whore Selling Out... Trade All for Macbook Pro 1200 USD United States
2014-03-29 Wanted: old-style Grivel Air Tech racing ice axe USD United States

SALE Items from our gear section:

Monster Static Rope
$195.26 (10% off)

Monster Static Rope
Monster 9.8 mm Rope Non-Dry
Cassin Crampon Anti-Balling Plate
Snowtube Snow Anchor - 22 in
Multi-loop Double-D Gear Sling
Rope 2.75mm Glo Cord
$87.04 (10% off)

Rope 2.75mm Glo Cord
Photon Wire Express Dyneema Quickdraw
Coeur Goujon Hanger Bolt