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Date Added   Item Price Country
2014-10-21 ebook how-to 3 USD United States
2014-09-29 Found shoes at Clarks canyon, CA United States
2014-09-22 Brand New Mammut Infinity 9.5 Duodess Coating 60m 240 USD United States
2014-09-22 Variety of Climbing Gear 200 CAD Canada
2014-08-26 Shared Apartment in NW Las Vegas: multi day/weekly/monthly USD United States
2014-06-13 Year Round Accommodations USD United States
2014-06-09 Accommodation in Seneca Rocks, WV United States

SALE Items from our gear section:

Screw-On Modular Holds 5 Pack
18mm Nylon Sling
$3.56 (10% off)

18mm Nylon Sling
Coyote VCS Canvas Climbing Shoe Womens
AmD Screw-Lock Carabiner
$12.56 (10% off)

AmD Screw-Lock Carabiner
Incredible Helkes C Macros Climbing Holds - 2 Pack
Stickit Climbing Shoe - Kids
MICROspikes Tote Sack
$8.96 (10% off)

MICROspikes Tote Sack
Monster Static Rope
$254.66 (10% off)

Monster Static Rope