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Gear : Training & Accessories : Hang Boards : Iron Palm by Cryptochild (Jason Kehl)

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Iron Palm by Cryptochild (Jason Kehl)

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This board is great for those people who are not looking to impress the next guy with the all the fancy gear they have. This will improve your climbing as long as you get off your ass and do it. Buy it you will not regret it.

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best choice 4 out of 5 stars

Review by: scott.nearing, 2012-04-24

The slopers seem to be the feature that set this apart from other hang boards. Those and the vertical and diagonal pinch holds below them. The horizontal holds vary from wide to narrow and sloping in or out. This is my first board but I've used others, to me it is nothing but good.

I like that the climber who designed it fronts the product. So buying it seems more like being a patron than sending money off to a nameless faceless corporation.

One negative point is that the top horizontal hold flexes a little under full weight. I'm about 175 lbs. I'll post if it become an issue but I doubt it; this does not bother me when I use it, just something I noticed. If it was thicker it would not offer the same exercise.

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