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Hidden Bouldering Spot

Average Rating = 3.38/5 Hidden Bouldering Spot

This is an area my brother found a long time ago and he took me in December (A very warm Dec.) It's just off of Mount Ephraim Road past the white rocks pull-off. That means left over the creek and down a little bit to another pulloff (on the left) then hi
Submitted by: djpuckle on 2002-02-11
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Around The World V1, Kangaroo Point, Australia

Average Rating = 3.25/5 Around The World V1, Kangaroo Point, Australia

Mark Bennet does the classic problem at Brisbane's inner city crag. Photo Neil Monteith 35mm Print
Submitted by: orangeoverhang on 2002-02-11
Views: 759 | Votes: 4 | Comment: 1
Bouldering at Ibex

Average Rating = 2.14/5 Bouldering at Ibex

This is a picture of Paco climbing on the bouldering wall at the Ibex Rock Climbing Gym in Blue Springs, MO.
Submitted by: aulwes on 2002-02-10
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Bouldering in the snow

Average Rating = 3.57/5 Bouldering in the snow

I went to Smith Rock on new years day. Lisa and I were the only ones there. This is a boulder below the Dihedrals area.
Submitted by: brogan on 2002-02-18
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Fall Bouldering

Average Rating = 3.55/5 Fall Bouldering

T and I went bouldering in the fall of 2001 when the rain had stopped for a couple of days. The problems were all harder because there were puddles in the holds.
Submitted by: brogan on 2002-02-09
Views: 883 | Votes: 11 | Comments: 3
Pope In A Cowboy Hat V4

Average Rating = 3.11/5 Pope In A Cowboy Hat V4

This is a stellar line put up by Chattanooga's own Luis Rodriguez. Here is my pal Benni who sent this scary slab, highball on his third try. The boy's getting strong!
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-02-07 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
Views: 843 | Votes: 9 | Comment: 1

Average Rating = 3.67/5 Boulering

Dave Chanceller spotting Dave Glennon throwing for the top while bouldering near the Dog Walk.
Submitted by: climberstephen on 2002-02-07
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Matt Working Hard Sit Start...

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Matt Working Hard Sit Start...

My little bro working a nice sit start problem that he created on our homewall. im not sure how he actually got the sit start seeings i can't even do it and i am a little stronger and lighter!
Submitted by: tangboy on 2002-02-07
Views: 749 | Votes: 4 | Comments: 0
KC Working a sloper on a problem i don't know...

Average Rating = 2.60/5 KC Working a sloper on a problem i don't know...

KC getting ready to send this little warm up problem. this problem is located at the first boulders you come to off to the right of the mail trail. lots of easy little warm up overhangs to work here.
Submitted by: tangboy on 2002-02-07
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December Bouldering

Average Rating = 3.33/5 December Bouldering

Those who live in the midwest know that the winter here is usually below freezing. But everyonce and a while we'll get a warm (55 deg.) day and the climbers, with major cabin fever, can go out and touch the real stuff.
Submitted by: climberstephen on 2002-02-06
Views: 1450 | Votes: 12 | Comments: 0
Sydney Opera House

Average Rating = 2.83/5 Sydney Opera House

Here's ClimberStephen buildering on one of the well known sails of the Sydney Opera House. Though there is a good 1cm edge between each tile, they are so slippery there is almost no friction.
Submitted by: climberstephen on 2002-02-06
Views: 706 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 0
Bouldering at Rock City

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Bouldering at Rock City

Worthwhile problem at the base of Sentinel Rock staircase, watch out for loose sandstone and rattlesnakes. This is from when I first started climbing, check out my "climbing shoes" (watersocks).
Submitted by: poorboy on 2002-02-02
Views: 753 | Votes: 8 | Comments: 0
look mom, no hands!!!

Average Rating = 0.00/5 look mom, no hands!!!

you have to have the stomach to stand this one up. sweet no hands start.
Submitted by: spiderclimber on 2002-01-31
Views: 1021 | Comment: 1
Hollow Mountain Cave bouldering

Average Rating = 3.75/5 Hollow Mountain Cave bouldering

An unknown Euro cranks one of the harder problems at the massive Hollow Mountain Cave, Grampians, Australia. Photo Neil Monteith Sony Digital
Submitted by: orangeoverhang on 2002-01-31
Views: 2469 | Votes: 10 | Comments: 4
cc on Anorexic Traverse

Average Rating = 3.18/5 cc on Anorexic Traverse

Located in Arizona, Priest Draw is Flagstaff's premier bouldering area for the moment made famous by Chris Sharma's "Rampage" video. Not to mention that fact that it contains killer roof/highly pocketed/watch the guano bouldering.
Submitted by: climberchic on 2002-01-29
Views: 579 | Votes: 11 | Comments: 4
Millipede V7

Average Rating = 3.70/5 Millipede V7

This is a picture of Sam Lewis working "millipede V7". He finally got it (not on that trip) and it may be his finest accomplishment so far. The holds are even worse than they appear, but this problem is the epitomy of the quality sandstone slopers down
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-01-27 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
Views: 686 | Votes: 10 | Comments: 3
Bum Boy V5

Average Rating = 3.90/5 Bum Boy V5

This is John Gass slapping around on the perfect sandstone slopers at Horse Pens 40 in Alabama. The rock quality is as good as it looks and there is enough rock here to climb for months. It is the best boulderfield around.
Submitted by: timhinck on 2002-01-27 | Last Modified: 2006-11-30
Views: 801 | Votes: 11 | Comments: 6
Geoff... NEKED on

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Geoff... NEKED on

Ok, i know this probably didn't help the access issue at all, but no one knows about it but me, and the person who took the picture. it cracks me up because this is just another thing to add to my "Neked list..." what can i say... i "cracked" a smile
Submitted by: tangboy on 2002-01-25
Views: 3474 | Comments: 3
James Jacobs bouldering at Portland

Average Rating = 3.17/5 James Jacobs bouldering at Portland

Just messing around on a boulder between routes. On a sunny day at a sea side Crag on Portland Island. Photo by Paul Flanagan.
Submitted by: jamesjacobs on 2002-01-25
Views: 491 | Votes: 6 | Comments: 0
James Jacobs bouldering in Portland

Average Rating = 3.00/5 James Jacobs bouldering in Portland

No idea what the crag name is,at the bottom of a route called "The Sod". Photo taken by James Jacobs co. Taken while on a long weekend in Dorset bolt climbing.
Submitted by: jamesjacobs on 2002-01-25
Views: 591 | Votes: 9 | Comment: 1
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