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Rock Climbing Calendar : Talks and Slideshows

Talks and Slideshows


Carsten Peter: Extreme Planet

Presented by UCSB Arts & Lectures Tickets/Info: National Geographic Live Photographer and Filmmaker Carsten Peter: Extreme Planet National Geographic Live series sponsored in part by Sheila & Michael Bonsignore Sun, Mar 1, 3:00 PM, Campbell Hall “If you feel the rumble and stand on the edge of the earth, it’s so different and mesmerizing… it’s one of the experiences I live for.” – Carsten Peter Take an electrifying journey into some of our planet’s most extreme environments with Carsten Peter, a German photographer and filmmaker whose dramatic images have garnered both World Press Photo and Emmy awards. A fearless explorer, Carsten Peter has captured never-before-seen images of places few humans have dared to go. For National Geographic, he ventured into Vietnam’s mammoth caves and Mexico’s “Crystal Cave.” He has also rappelled into active volcanoes in the South Pacific and chased monster storms in Tornado Alley, earning a reputation for both his courage and his relentless quest to push the frontiers of exploration. Books will be available for purchase and signing

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Kobie Boykins: Exploring the Red Planet

Presented by UCSB Arts & Lectures Tickets/Info: or (805) 893-3535 National Geographic Live NASA Engineer Kobie Boykins Exploring the Red Planet Sun, Nov 23, 3:00 p.m., Campbell Hall “I honestly feel that we will have a person standing on the surface of Mars at some point in time, because there is something that is innate in human beings… that need to explore.” – Kobie Boykins Few events in the last decade of space exploration have captured the world’s imagination like NASA’s Mars Exploration Program. The recent landing of Curiosity, aka the Mars Science Laboratory, made headlines after it turned up evidence of life-supporting conditions on Mars, including water. Kobie Boykins has a boundless enthusiasm for unraveling the mysteries of outer space, and Mars in particular, that’s infectious. The NASA engineer helped design solar arrays for previous rovers and now supervises Curiosity’s mobility and remote sensing teams. Join Boykins for an engaging evening exploring the Red Planet, with an update on the very latest chapter in the ongoing story of Mars exploration.

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National Geographic Live: Jim & Jamie Dutcher

Presented by UCSB Arts & Lectures
Tickets/Info: (805) 893-3535 (Arts & Lectures Ticket Office) or

National Geographic Live
Filmmakers and Wildlife Activists
Jim & Jamie Dutcher
The Hidden Life of Wolves
Sun, Oct 19, 3:00 p.m., UCSB Campus, Campbell Hall

“We thought if people could see the way these animals lived and played together, and witness their subtle acts of compassion and care, perhaps some of the fear and misunderstanding swirling around wolves would dissipate.” – Jim and Jamie Dutcher

Emmy-winning husband-and-wife filmmakers, the Dutchers, spent six years living in Idaho’s Sawtooth Wilderness, documenting a pack of wolves they bottle-fed as pups. The couple will weave fascinating stories and stunning images from their time in the wild, as depicted in their 2012 National Geographic book, The Hidden Life of Wolves. Learn more about the world the wolf faces today and workable solutions for their survival from on-the-ground biologists. Get a rare glimpse at the majestic animals who share the social characteristics of elephants and the DNA of dogs, and who play an important role in balancing ecosystems.

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Paul Nicklen: Spirit of the Wild

Presented by UCSB Arts & Lectures
Tickets/Info: or (805) 893-3535
National Geographic Live
Wildlife Photojournalist
Paul Nicklen
Spirit of the Wild
Sun, Jan 11, 3:00 PM, Campbell Hall
Sponsored in part by Sheila & Michael Bonsignore

“They say I am a street photographer for the underwater world. I get dangerous animals close, personal, and intimate.” – Paul Nicklen

After spending his childhood in an isolated Inuit community in the Canadian Arctic, Paul Nicklen has spent his entire lifetime honing the skills needed to capture what many consider the finest images of the world’s most remote places. He routinely spends months braving extreme conditions to get unforgettable images of creatures most of us see only in zoos, if then. He’s traveled deep into the forests of British Columbia to track the ghostly and elusive spirit bear, and has gone face-to-face under Arctic ice with emperor penguins, polar bears and walruses. Join this visionary photographer for a gripping encounter with the wild spirit that animates our world.

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