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Jarret Bray on 'The Cosmic Squirrel'

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Jarret Bray on 'The Cosmic Squirrel'

Jarret cruising this amusing 'arete into a mantel' problem on one of the many quality granit eggs out at reynolds creek, ID.
Submitted by: eyelid_movies on 2006-03-31
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new but not worth the risk

Average Rating = 0.00/5 new but not worth the risk

Newly cleaned problem high up the hillside from Campground Area. From car, go east to open area then go up a draw towards a shark fin feature. Continue past it another 5-10minutes up the hillside and look for a sharp piton, this is it. Rest your pad on the spike 3 feet up(as seen on the left) and climb the south arete, in fear, so it may be not worth it even if you have medical insurance.Pad the east side if you can, or better yet, don't bother. Reynolds has lots of new potential, another interesting line: from the Lower Area, walk north. As the boulders end just up from the cattle pen is some low angled slabs. A 12" detatched triangular face sits away from the slabs facing the cow pen-climb the smooth west face, downclimb the right arete. 'The Portaledge Pad'
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2005-06-02
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new problem to report

Average Rating = 0.00/5 new problem to report

A newly cleaned problem, Flower Arete, is obvious but the approach is not. From the Campground Area( on the lower left of photo), look south east along the hillside and spot a nice square boulder, 5-10 minutes away. From this rock, go further south up the hill and is near a boulder with three peaks.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2005-06-02
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Cut your nails dude

Average Rating = 1.00/5 Cut your nails dude

Those are not long nails, but 8 easily found red shotgun shell casings near the Campground Boulders Area, just behind and right-a deep rut prevented us from driving exactly to the spot. Anyway, lots of shotgun gifts to bring home, could make neat Idaho gifts.
Submitted by: gerglenroc on 2005-06-02
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owyhee tuff

Average Rating = 3.40/5 owyhee tuff

Ahhh, another sunny day in the owyhees- the peach boulder has enough lines on it to keep you and some friends busy for a good session- it hosts the full spectrum of grade difficulties in a nice little desert canyon. Watch out for the motorcycles buzzing around the corners though. Photo taken by my Friend Sus and thats Jaime with the chalk bucket and Chalimar giving me the two hands up. Check out for more info on the area. Oh yeah, thats me on the rock.
Submitted by: b-radh on 2004-06-10
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Main Boulder

Average Rating = 2.50/5 Main Boulder

This is the main boulder from the parking area. Miguels finger crack is in the shaded face in the center of the photo. Mike's routes are on the other side of the boulder just to the left of this face. there is also a good little area on the west face of t
Submitted by: scrappy on 2001-11-08
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miguel's finger crack

Average Rating = 4.50/5 miguel's finger crack

Submitted by: miggs on 2009-06-29
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