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Bouldering Graveyard Fields

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Everywhere i go i bring my climbing bag, which consist of shoes, chalk, and safety equip. During a hike with my girlfriend at Graveyard Fields, i came across 2 boulders that were a blast to climb. Graveyard Fields is located just off the Blue Ridge Parkway (BRP) near mile post 410. Coming from Asheville, enter onto the BRP and head north. Again its near mile post 410, and there is a large parking area for Graveyard Fields Overlook, this is where trail begins. Take the trail at the lower end of the parking area(right side stairs, if looking out to Overlook), this descends down a paved path then turns into a rocky path until stream crossing. Cross bridge until you come to the first trail intersection, follow signs to Upper Falls(should be to the left). The hike to upper falls is about 1.5 miles. Once you have arrived at Upper Falls, step out onto the rocks of the falls and head up the falls(opposite of water traveling) and anywhere to your right are several boulders you can climb. Some of these boulders are in the woods just alittle. Well, i had a great time climbing, and would definitly recommend these rocks for beginners and intermediate climbers. I believe Graveyard Fields is part of Pisgah National Forest, but there are no signs saying, "NO ROCK CLIMBING"! You should have a blast. After climbing if you want to cool off, head back down the trail, where you started and where you turned left to go climb, go right and follow the trail to a 50 degree swimming hole. PICTURES: Both pictures are of Sean Kortus bouldering. Photos taken by Alicia Anderson.
Submitted by: rockclimbaf on 2006-07-23
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Upper Falls Bouldering

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Upper Falls Bouldering

Bouldering at Graveyard Fields, near Upper Falls. This rock is off a side trail to the right. For directions see other picture.
Submitted by: rockclimbaf on 2006-07-23
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