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Andy getting commited

Average Rating = 3.50/5 Andy getting commited

Moving around the corner is easier than it looks but the rest of the route is a sustained layback crack with interesting protection. Very asthetic!
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-12-14
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My climbing equipment

Average Rating = 0.00/5 My climbing equipment

Here she is, all the climbing equipment I have amassed over the past few years
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-08-13
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Best Route Ever

Average Rating = 3.29/5 Best Route Ever

I love this climb. This is me doing what I consider the crux move on Waimea between the 4th and 5th bolt. Thanks to my friend Scott for taking the picture.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-08-01
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Average Rating = 3.00/5 Concentration

We decided that Andy looked like he was either about to kill someone in the picture or he was looking at porn. He was however doing neither while climbing Waimea, all be it, WAY too seriously.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-08-01
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Bouldering in the city

Average Rating = 0.00/5 Bouldering in the city

I went to vist my friend steve who lives in Brooklyn for the summer and decided we'd check out the bouldering in central park. I got the guide online and then forgot to print it so we just kind of did stuff until we got tired. Here's Steve going for the top.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-07-30
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About the weirdest place to chalk up

Average Rating = 0.00/5 About the weirdest place to chalk up

Boulder in front of me, Skyscrapers behind. The chalk helped make this picture all the more weird.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-07-30
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How to make a 5.6 look like a 5.12

Average Rating = 2.00/5 How to make a 5.6 look like a 5.12

Posing while nearing the top of Sword. Good for the profile?
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-07-23
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Kicker Rock

Average Rating = 3.00/5 Kicker Rock

Though this eroded tuff cone looks like it has endless possibilities for climbing, it doesn't, and we can only dream. The rock is extremely brittle, and to top it off, it would be rather impossible to get to and I'd imagine it is illegal to even attempt to climb it considering it is part of the national park, which has very strict rules.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-06-24
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What is going on below that roof!

Average Rating = 3.00/5 What is going on below that roof!

Sam following me up In the Rough (5.7+), a fun climb which is overshadowed by its two neighbors NCCC (5.6) and Diamonds and Coal (5.6).
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-05-02
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rocked out without cock out

Average Rating = 0.00/5 rocked out without cock out

Awesome weather, beautiful babes and cold beer (minus the beer and babes). My shoulders still hurt from the burn baby! I'm talkin mid-April Upstate New York SUNNN burn. oh YEA p.s. st im your bitch
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2005-04-20
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Cold Crisp Adirondack Afternoon

Average Rating = 2.00/5 Cold Crisp Adirondack Afternoon

My parents came to visit me at college, so I took them climbing. What better way to spend an afternoon as a family? Thanks to my mom for the picture. I LOVE TRAD
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2004-12-06
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Finally Got It!!

Average Rating = 3.40/5 Finally Got It!!

After attempting to pull the crux on squall (5.10d) I finally stuck it on the way to finishing the route. This route is REALLY steep, but has huge holds. Thanks to my friend Kirsten who took the well timed shot.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2003-09-17
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Leading is Fun

Average Rating = 3.20/5 Leading is Fun

A shot of me on a 5.8 climb at the aptly named 5.8 crag at Rumney. This is my third lead ever, and I can't wait to do more!! My friend Josh took the picture.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2003-08-07
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Fingery Crux

Average Rating = 4.00/5 Fingery Crux

My friend Scott powers his way through the crux of Waimea(5.10d)...the easiest climb on the entire wall!! Most climbs on this wall are 12's, 13's, and 14's.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2003-08-06
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Average Rating = 3.25/5 Quasar

This is me climbing a 5.7+ called Quasar at Pinnacle Rock in Connecticut. I just wanted to get a picture of Connecticut climbing on this site.
Submitted by: sustainedclimber on 2003-07-22
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