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Jul 25, 2009, 9:25 PM

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Re: [Gilbert1976] Lost/forgot Rope?
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Gilbert1976 wrote:
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I'd say a good 80% of the rock in PA is off limits (legally), but that is OK because most of it is "unknown" to the average gym/internet climber anyway. Those who do know about these spots fly under the radar, and keep them secret.

i get it those who think they are good enough or better then the rest of us new climbers feel its ok for themselves to break the law which is in turn why its so hard to get places opened that have been closed due to the fact that these fly under the radar folks you speak of are not going as undetected as they think just curious which group your in (gym/internet climber thats treated like an outsider)OR the (law breaking fly under the radar but we're better then those average folks)

Its no wonder people think like they do( by people i mean those against us climbers or the mountain bikers or horse riders etc.....) they read a post like your reply proving that in every group theres those that cant follow the rules and laws so to all the fly under the radar guys if any on here A BIG THANKS for making it harder for those trying to work with the system.

Yeah guys, stop climbing on that illegal rock. It's not "designated" for climbing you know!

A little punctuation might help your credibility next time.

I just noticed NONE of your posts use punctuation. Are you always drunk, or just when you post?

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